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Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #2 – Marina Bay

Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #2 – Marina Bay

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Curves in Asia #Bodytalk series Episode 2 – Today our guest is Marina Bay, the founder and CEO of Befast tv – a tech start up multimedia website and also a friend of mine. Our guest for this episode is different from […]

Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #1

Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #1

Hi all! The 1st episode of Curves in Asia Body talk was on air on Friday 15th Oct, 2016. It is an absolute honour for me to be with RTHK 3 to talk about body positivity, a topic Hong Kong has rarely tapped into! Our […]

Hong Kong First Body Positivity talk at RTHK Radio 3

Hong Kong First Body Positivity talk at RTHK Radio 3

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since I have written a post! So, I’d like to give you an update on what I have been doing in the past few months; apart from a well deserved holiday in Italy (<– check out my photos on Instagram!) I […]

My Body Positive experience at Tedx Lingnan University – Bold

My Body Positive experience at Tedx Lingnan University – Bold

This year in March, one of the most amazing experiences in my life happened –  I did a TED Talk about body positivity. I have spread the message to a crowd of 200 people, it was terrifying but at the end all worth it. All these […]

My world was made better all by myself 世界因為自己而變得豐富

My world was made better all by myself 世界因為自己而變得豐富

I studied in the local school when I was young, from primary to secondary (I am a high school drop out!). When I was in high school, 5’4 at 180lbs, most of my school friends and mates always make fun of my weight and make […]

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Lamy Dragonfly Fashion Launch Party 2017

Lamy Dragonfly Fashion Launch Party 2017

Hello world, Last week, I went to an event on Thursday night in Wanchai, a nice and quiet area near Star street, for the fashion launch of Lamy Dragonfly. The event was held at Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery at Sau Wa Fong. As some […]

My Fluffy Fuzzy Faux Fur Wish List

My Fluffy Fuzzy Faux Fur Wish List

Fur coats have always been one of my favorite, I feel that in the past few years, the faux fur coats always come back because it is such a statement piece and you know, nowadays we really like to be extra, so why not max […]

Frugal fashion

Frugal fashion

You think you know fashion
Well, fashion’s a stranger
You think fashion’s your friend
My friend, fashion is danger

Although I am a “fashion blogger”, I am one of those who does not have much of a fashion budget per month…
Not sure if you have even heard of that but my budget is so small, that I have to plan properly how many items I can get out of it, 2 weeks before pay day kind (as you know, shopping online is like you are fighting for one item with thousands of people).

Because if one can’t afford something, one shouldn’t even have an idea of getting it.

Just like I shouldn’t get into fashion blogging unless I have the money to be trendy, or I don’t blog about trends and just wear my old clothes all the time.

Do you think it would work?
I personally think it doesn’t. People like new things, they like trends, and all the sucessful bloggers are all about trends and showing new pieces from the latest fashion show, correct me if I am wrong but Susie bubble, Man Repeller, all the “IT” girls and bloggers, they don’t become big for no reason. You have to have the luxury to blog for months or years with not much income before you are known.
How do one do that if they have mouths to feed I ask.

A close friend of mine lately told me she thinks my blog is not going to work. Oh well. As long as I am doing what I love, at the same time not hurting my wallet I guess I will be fine.

Somehow this place is more like a place for me to use my creativity now that I realised. I am never a writer nor a trendy person after all!

So what I do is, I have to go through lots of sites per day. Trying to find that perfect items with the lowest cost just so I can try on as many on-trend items as I could to create different looks. And I will never dream about getting that 2.55 or those red bottom heels (it’s not like I can fit in them anyway)

I would usually go to Asos, Asos Marketplace, Most of the UK high street site when they are on sale, sometimes ebay, look for the items that are made for this year trend but not popular yet so I can wear them for 2 years, or really vintage items on ebay trying to think if it would work for next season’s fashion. You can kind of tell, because what’s not on trend now, will be on trend later Duh 😉

Reading from many finance advisers, it is recommended that you use only 1/3 of your salary as rent/housing allowance. Living in HK means we will have to use 2/3 of our salary to pay rent. Think about it, after deducting everything necessary, there really isn’t much left, plus that part of income should even become the saving instead of buying and buying lots of clothes that we throw away after 1 season as well.

As I grow older, I cannot do fast fashion anymore, so I have pretty much stopped shopping now, unless I found that one coat or pants on outnet or moda operandi that has slashed the price to 70% off, which I know I can be wearing it for years to come, I won’t open my wallet for it.

1 day in Helsinki

1 day in Helsinki

Every year I would go on a longer trip, the only holiday that allows me to travel far, which is by end of Summer. Being in the midst of global warming means that it’s the best time to be in Europe in Sept/Oct. It definitely […]

Long Weekend Shanghai (alternative guide)

Long Weekend Shanghai (alternative guide)

Do you like to travel? I love travelling, it’s an escape to another world for me. It also means that I am on holiday and that’s the best feeling ever (as in you are working but off for a week to recharge)! Recently I have […]

Women’s Plus size clothing in Hong Kong

Women’s Plus size clothing in Hong Kong

This is a lasting topic for larger women living in Asia, especially for my fellow expat friends who live in Hong Kong.We complain about how we difficult it is to find clothes in Hong Kong for plus size ladies, as almost all the shops in town have clothing available in 3 sizes only. Let alone the plus size, even an average US size 10 would find it challenging to buy clothes in Hong Kong; as the sizes are usually XXS, XS and S!

Here is the ultimate shopping guide for Plus size women and some tips of where we would find modern clothing and shoes in larger sizes in Hong Kong.

Cheap Finds

My favourite activity on a Sunday Afternoon – go to samples shops scattered around in Hong Kong for treasure hunt.

As an export hub of thousands of manufacturers from China, Hong Kong holds a lot of hidden gems in the city. If you would go to the Ladies market in Prince Edward, it is the place to be; there are over 50 shops on both sides of the road, and you can find many International brands from the smallest size 00 to size 24/3X(e.g. Forever 21 Plus, Lane Bryant, Coasts, Talbot, River Island).

IMG_8413Bertha C - Curvasian
At Fa Yuen Street, I found these shorts of Forever21 Plus at one of the shops for HK$59 (US7.5)

It only depends on your luck what you can find! I will have a separate post on this later.

There is only 1 plus size brand in Hong Kong

7 million population, 1 plus size brand? You think I am kidding you, but sadly I am not.
Although saying that, there are many plus size clothing available here online nowadays, mainly without brands.
Therefore, for plus size brands, there is indeed only 1 called Fashion Corner Plus.

I have made a video with the founder of FC+ here you can watch it below 🙂

Showcase of FC+ product

High Street brands in Hong Kong

Marks and Spencers

When most people hear about MnS, they are already assuming that their clothes are “out of date” and mostly for conservative consumers. It is not true.

Trendy line Limited Edition goes up to Size 14, sometimes 16 and 18 if we are lucky. They use to carry all styles in 16 and 18, but this has changed in the summer 2014, I am guessing it’s because being fashionable as a plus size woman is not popular in Hong Kong as most of us are still conservative about the fashion choices.

I also recommend their luxury line – Autograph, it is very tasteful, sophisticated yet stylish. Targeting consumers with elegant taste. This line goes up to UK18.

Other lines others up to size 18 with odd pieces of 20 and 22, and their shoes run up to US9.5/EU42.

Zara, HnM, Mango, Forever 21
These brands would carry some UK size 14/EU44, in their Causeway Bay and Central shops for Zara.
Occasionally from HnM, but not designed for busty girls.
Forever 21 does not have plus size line in Hong Kong but sometimes you may be able to find one or two XL in their 5-storey flagship store.
The key is to look for the thicker stretchy material.
These shops have shoe sizes up to US9/EU41 but they usually run small.


High Street Fashion for In-betweenies

Topshop has opened in Hong Kong since June 2013 and it is the only high street fashion store that offers size 16 for the younger generation. Their shoes are fabulous, boutique line offers high quality pieces and shoes size up to UK8/EU42.

On a side note, Swedish Brand MONKI locates in Langham Place, Mongkok and Granville Road in TST has size L that fits a UK size 16/18 body. And most of their tees are very roomy, so they fit a UK 22 sometimes.

Mid Range Italian/German brands available in Sincere Department Store

I have discovered the clothing choices in this department store that usually carry mature clothing, which can turn into useful good quality basic items for most age.

Read the post here

High-end Fashion Brands for Mature Style
If you can pick money out from trees, you can always go to the beloved Lane Crawford, Swank and Joyce and ask for their personal shoppers for help. They do carry certain styles in Size XL/44 however the cut would be usually very fitted.

For other retails stores with plus size available in Hong Kong, they are mostly found at 1/F Sogo, Causeway Bay. Surprisingly these brands have clothes up to size XXL / IT52.

Anne Klein New York 
Escada Sport
Joan and David
Marina Rinaldi
Mariella Burani


Small Boutiques (by appointment only )

Love It – up to size UK16

Japanese Style


I will keep updating this post


Last update: 1/11/2017

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