Founded in 2015 by Bertha Chan,’s mission is to visualise inclusivity in fashion, promote body diversity and mental wellness with its #curvasian and #curvesinasia projects. creates inclusive content for Asia, for marginalised groups and their allies. It is the only plus size fashion and body positive hub in Hong Kong, and one of the few in Asia.

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Our mission to promote the visibility of people of colour is to promote human equality, in order to bring the power of diverse beauty of the world to a new state. It is time for all of us to shine. Our editors and creators welcome sources around the world to aid this mission. If you would like to contribute to our site, please email and get in touch with us!

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Academy Hampton Linen Shirt
Twist Top from Privilege
Zodiac Satin Slip Dress
Atmos Delilah Ruffle Playsuit

Plus Size Fashion in Hong Kong

There are currently around 7.8million habitants in Hong Kong. As one of the most international cities in the world, one can imagine the cultural diversity that exists.
However, living her whole life as a plus size woman, Bertha has struggled to find fashionable clothing to wear; and with limited resources for plus size women in Asia, she started this blog to concentrate on all fashion resources available in Hong Kong, hoping to help the ones in need.

“Life is too short to put others’ opinions before your own, it is a waste to only wear what is safe to be seen! Anyone in any body size or shape can be fashion forward, so start celebrating your size today!” — Bertha

About Bertha

Bertha Chan is a plus size blogger and a body positivity activist from Hong Kong.

Born and raised in the metropolitan city, she struggles to grow in a place where certain beauty standards on women mean the key to success; lost and often felt not accepted, she found herself being hospitalised from anorexia and spent the next decade fighting eating disorders and body image issues.

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