Bertha Chan is a plus size blogger and a body positivity activist from Hong Kong.

Born and raised in the metropolitan city, she struggles to grow in a place where certain beauty standards on women mean the key to success; lost and often felt not accepted, she found herself being hospitalised from anorexia and spent the next decade fighting eating disorders and body image issues.

Bertha founded Curvasian website and Curves in Asia project in 2015, aiming to raise awareness for women in Asia to disregard the harmful influence of society’s beauty standards.

Founder’s note

Hi, I am Bertha, welcome to the one and only plus size fashion + body positive hub in Asia!

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There are currently around 7.2 million habitants in Hong Kong, 1.3 billion in China, 4.4 billion people in Asia, sure one can imagine the cultural diversity that should exist.

However, living in Asia as a plus-size woman, I struggled, together with many in finding fashionable clothing to wear; and with limited resources for plus size Asians, I started my blog to concentrate on all fashion resources I can get in Hong Kong, hoping that I can help the ones in need.

No matter you are living or visiting in Asia, welcome to the site and you will be able to find the information you need.

Life is too short to put others’ opinions before your own, it is a waste to only wear what is safe to be seen! Anyone in any body size or shape can be fashion-forward, be confident and feel comfortable in your own skin!

Start celebrating yourself today as it’s the first step to ultimate Selflove!



Please feel free to write in to me and I will reply as soon as I read it 🙂