As I was drifting in and out of sleep last night, Corey Mason shows up suddenly.
She was this beautiful girl wearing a blue mohair top and a yellow plaid pleated skirt in the movie Empire Records; who’s also known as Liv Tyler.

What struck me was the the plaid mini skirt she was wearing, the preppy sexy skirt pairing with Mohair top and military boots, a total look of 90s!

But come and think about it, Mohair and Plaid are actually a big no for most people and Big no-no for plus size girls. If you just throw it on without much thought into the styling, plaid pattern tends to make people look older, old-fashion (think table cloth) and just not flattering. Bad examples, herehere and all of them in here.

Curvy Tips

Let’s not talk about the colours, everyone knows darker colours give the slimming effect; but who wants to be a dull girl? Pink, Yellow, Royal Blue, be creative! We wear whatever we want. Just be cautious what type of pattern you choose. Make sure you don’t wear any pattern that makes people focus on the pattern itself instead of you; as it’s very eye-catching, attention drawing and it expands on your body; the illusion will make you look even bigger.

On the contrary, the dress below looks great, the plaid pattern is subtle, staying neutral ; it has a black waist line to accentuate the body shape and also the peter pan collar to make it looks more preppy and classy, without or without the hat.

Tips for all
For girls who are not too confident about their muscle toning, avoid sleeveless like what Chole Grace Moretz is wearing or put a jacket on and button up in the midddle like Emma below, she has a boyish figure and the jacket gives her some more shape and make her look more womanly.

Chloe Grace Moretz


Emma Watson
I think my dream is telling me to make some room for plaid in AW2012