Hello world,

Last week, I went to an event on Thursday night in Wanchai, a nice and quiet area near Star street, for the fashion launch of Lamy Dragonfly. The event was held at Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery at Sau Wa Fong.

As some of you know already, that plus size fashion is still not something seen usually in the market, but many designers and brands are now starting to embrace the bigger girls and create things that we are able to wear. This is why I am so excited once I learned that Lamy Dragonfly will be making things “in my size”!

Lamy Dragonfly is founded by 2 Italian designers Annlisa and Lella whom are based in Hong Kong, their idea was to create a fabric sustainably, for different bodies’ wants and needs. With this piece of fabric they created, you can make a skirt or a dress or a scarf out of it. There are of course many other ways to use it too, as far as you can take your creativity with it!

I have been excited all week to see what wonderful things are created in Hong Kong by these two talented friends of mine.
And herebelow is a video to show you the launch party and how to style the fabric as well.

Now that I have become more a youtuber than a blogger, my posts will be much shorter than before.
I tend to share my videos on youtube first, then I add a post to accompany it.

Which way do you prefer? Let me know!