Fur coats have always been one of my favorite, I feel that in the past few years, the faux fur coats always come back because it is such a statement piece and you know, nowadays we really like to be extra, so why not max it out!?

Over the years, I have been just drooling over some of the nicest coats that I can’t have. The only thing I got close to these was a M&S kids size for 14 years old on sale because I can bearly wear it in the HK weather.
Well one can only dream or move to a cold place like Dublin!

Today I am going to show you some of my favorite fluffy items, and it’s well desired every winter.

I have found these items from various fashion brands in the past years, especially in 2014, it was the biggest hit on the spectrum, also you can see them on many bloggers’ account before and during New York, London and Milan Fashion week.

The items below although are mostly up to a UK size 14, but I am sure you can be inspired by fashion at any size.
(Btw, Wish list = Things I cannot afford)

1. Shrimps
UP to UK14

Shrimps is the most prominent luxury faux fur coat brand in the industry, they are the to go if you ever want to get a nice faux fur trimmed/ collar/ full coat.

This coat made the brand really famous, it was thier first collection and it was an instant hit, I think Alexa Chung wore it, that’s why. This style is so cute and nice and practical for winter (I cannot afford such price point (USD$600+))

2. Ainea
Up to IT44

From their brand profile, “Ainea is the newly launched clothing brand from Italian textile company Lanificio Becagli. Under founder Piero Becagli’s stewardship, the company has been creatively developing innovative materials and techniques for fashion and sport for over 50 years.

I LOVE this RED and WHITE COAT! Again another coat on top of my list.

3. Au jour le jour
Up to IT46

These coats just wouldn’t stop! Many designers are dishing out all these faux fur coat my dear, maybe I was being brain washed but then again, for all these years, I have avoid wearing anything fluffy worried that it will make me look fat. Well the truth is, if you are fat, you are fat. No matter what you wear, people won’t think you are not fat. So why bother worrying about looking fat and missing out all the fun?

Up to IT48

MSGM is a new favorite for many back a few years.Their design is very contemporary and playful.
Actually most of the brands I talk about here are of the same style and aesthetic…

Isolated heroes

Last but not least, Isolated Heros.
They are actually my and many plus size girls’ heroines, because they are one of the very few that listens to our needs. A cool funky brand that is size inclusive and make clothes from size 0 – 24, which is amazing. There are not too many of this sort in the world still.
So Fat girls, go show them some love and buy a thing or two, show the world our desires that have been realised by awesome brands like this.

Plus size blogger of horrorkitschbitch.com Kobi Jae modelling the hot rainbow colour fur coat.