Sure we plus size girls like to talk fashion nowadays. We do like to play with different trends and different style of clothes. It’s like little kids who once only get to play with wooden blocks, now getting their hands on an iphone and won’t leave it, it’s colourful, innovative and such fun!

But you cannot deny the power of the classic wooden block ; which in fashion would be the timeless item – a plain white tee.

The simplest thing is the best, and I am about to promote its magic.

Here is me wearing a plain white tee which I got from Monki.
Their size L can fit my 44″ bust (yes, there I said it, I
expose my privacy for your convenience). It is round neck with shorter
hem that sits just on my muffin top, it is made in 100% cotton, in a
thin body hugging material but apparently it’s not too sheer. I wear a nude
colour bra underneath, and even the bra themselves has a subtle jacquard
on them, somehow it doesn’t show much, which is good. The best of it is I can
style it in many ways I want.

The Plain white tee is also just a “new idea” in the plus size world,
we for a long time believe that we cannot wear any thing white, white
is such a colour that shows all the rolls and bumps we have compare to
black or any dark coloured clothing. In fact, if you know how to choose
the right shape and material that suits you, it will be the best weapon
you have in your closet.

Lately I have been struggling between the two –

A. following trends, playing with new toys
B. Keeping it real and classy.

shopaholic and the environmentalist in me are having a power battle,
but of course for the love of the earth, eventually “green peace” will

There are these brands that offer the plain white tee, and i have no idea which one is best.
I guess I need people to tell me in the comment section as it’s not easy to find a very good quality one which you can wear for years. One thing though is I do recommend a medium round neck which is closer to your collar bone, it brings out the best feature on your body.

As for which shape is best for you, this is very tricky. You need to
know yourself first. Which shape do you want? Do you want a boxy tee for
a street style feel? or a feminine style that shows your curve? Higher or
lower crew neck, V neck, off shoulder? So many different styles.
If you have no
idea which one suits you the best, you can always email me at curvasian (AT) gmail dot com with a
photo of you and I can give you free consultancy about it.

Lilla P : Classic Short sleeves Crew neck
Jil Sander



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