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Lamy Dragonfly Fashion Launch Party 2017

Hello world, Last week, I went to an event on Thursday night in Wanchai, a nice and quiet area near Star street, for the fashion launch of Lamy Dragonfly. The event was held at Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery at Sau Wa Fong. As some of you know already, that plus size fashion is still not something seen usually in the market, but many designers and brands are now starting to embrace the bigger girls and create things that we are able to wear. This is why I am so excited once I learned that Lamy Dragonfly will be...

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1 day in Helsinki

Every year I would go on a longer trip, the only holiday that allows me to travel far, which is by end of Summer. Being in the midst of global warming means that it’s the best time to be in Europe in Sept/Oct. It definitely rains less, not as hot anymore and just the way I like it – depends where you are in Europe, it spans from 6-23C. This year my trip starts from Helsinki, even though I was only there for 3 nights 2 days, I get a glimpse of how it’s like being in the metropolitan...

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Long Weekend Shanghai (alternative guide)

Do you like to travel? I love travelling, it’s an escape to another world for me. It also means that I am on holiday and that’s the best feeling ever (as in you are working but off for a week to recharge)! Recently I have been to Shanghai for few days for a mini recharge and I would like to share with you what I did. I travel to Shanghai on a regular basis so I do not see the tourist attractions anymore, but more about what I actually like to do – eat, see and play! So my 4...

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Yeh what would Lotta do? Haha 2017. Kids born after 2000 knows. I have been very quiet but to make a come back. I still like it much more with this site as my personal blog instead of anything commercial. #curvesinasia will be it’s own thing when I am more ready I have always like doing many things at the same time thus cannot focus or excel in anything. But I have finally accepted that’s who I am. So, it means I have to dedicate more time to do ALL of them, because I am a All or none...

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Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #2 – Marina Bay

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Curves in Asia #Bodytalk series Episode 2 – Today our guest is Marina Bay, the founder and CEO of Befast tv – a tech start up multimedia website and also a friend of mine. Our guest for this episode is different from the rest of the guests I have on my list because Marina has never been exposed to the subject of Body Positivity, so she’s a great example of how people receive the subject. From Marina’s story, it could be something worth studying for us to see from the other side and feel the perspective. To...

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