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Top 10 Plus size sportswear / activewear

In my last post, I talked about Sportluxe – high fashion workout gear for straight size and some XLs for inbetweenies, therefore I have not focused on plus size brands. There are now many brands out there available for plus size women and I need to have a separate post just for it 🙂 Personally I have not tried any of these brands fit, because my heart is on the sportluxe brands (now I am working towards being able to squeez into them)! I want to point out that, appearance of sportswear is as important as its function, it...

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Sport Luxe Activewear

80s SKI FASHION Back in the late 80s, early 90s, activewear became the trend of the era, but then fashion changes and the once popular baggy silhouette were no longer “cool” so we moved on to newer things. However, since commercial fashion hasn’t come up with any new trends in the past decade, history have been just reinventing from the olds, and so fashion bounds to make its comebacks. Fashion shoot from Vogue 2012 Fashionable Sportswear is one of the most prominent trends in recent years that has derived and evolved from the 80s/90s sport trend; remember Tommy jeans,...

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Curvasians – Danyl from the Philippines

If you have lived in Asia, you have probably encounter comments that target your body size instead of who you are, and more than once! The first “greeting” from people around us are usually comments about our appearance even they mean no harm. It goes like this, “Hey you have lost weight, prettier now!” “Hey your butt looks bigger than last time I saw you! Watch your diet!” We as individuals, are not usually being praised for our personalities or the knowledge and contribution one holds, but reduced to how many pounds we weight or how pretty we are....

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