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My Fluffy Fuzzy Faux Fur Wish List

Fur coats have always been one of my favorite, I feel that in the past few years, the faux fur coats always come back because it is such a statement piece and you know, nowadays we really like to be extra, so why not max it out!? Over the years, I have been just drooling over some of the nicest coats that I can’t have. The only thing I got close to these was a M&S kids size for 14 years old on sale because I can bearly wear it in the HK weather. Well one can only dream...

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Frugal fashion

You think you know fashion Well, fashion’s a stranger You think fashion’s your friend My friend, fashion is danger Although I am a “fashion blogger”, I am one of those who does not have much of a fashion budget per month… Not sure if you have even heard of that but my budget is so small, that I have to plan properly how many items I can get out of it, 2 weeks before pay day kind (as you know, shopping online is like you are fighting for one item with thousands of people). Because if one can’t afford...

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Plus size fashion promotes obesity? The fact is they are not related.

In the adult world, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and obviously you cannot change other peoples mind in a day or that telling you what i think is “better” than what you think will ever work, and it goes both ways. Afterall, my blog is about my passion for fashion and also to help women gain their confidence from within. They can co-exist but also are independent topics of one’s insterest. Body Diversity   There are always much noise angling on body images and related campaigns simply because we focus so much on visual stimulants nowadays. While...

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Santa Rosa Fatkini vs Triangl Bikini

I saw today on Monif C‘s website that these new bikinis are up and I am kind of happy and sad at the same time. Why? I am happy because finally I get to wear this “Poppy” style shown above in my size, but then I am sad that it is almost exactly the same design as the brand Triangl which has already made their wave early last year. I have higher hopes in plus size brands that one day they have their own originality and that even straight size designers would admire our style. Although, I have learned that nothing is original nowadays, but there are ways to “Steal like an artist” instead. I first saw this bikini style last summer and thought to myself, wow so lovely and cute, I wish they had it in my size (as usual), so automatically I go online and search for the brand. While doing research I also find that they are based in Hong Kong, which further induce the complication of my feelings because it is so close yet so far to reach! Do you know how many times I have thoughts in my head of me asking various designers/ brands if they can make their clothes in my size? I even asked Triangl on their live chat once again today just to make sure, if they were able to...

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Curvasians from the Philippines – Danah and Stacy from The Plump Pinay

My recent visit to Manila has given me the opportunity to meet up with the beloved twins of The Plump Pinay, and I have finally had a taste of the #twinsanity first hand! Again, it’s proven that there is no boundaries when it comes to friendships, as long as one holds an open heart to try and do something new, including meeting new people you have only ever met on instagram! I love meeting new friends from different countries, our conversation gives me life as we all exchange our ideas and thoughts, and I am so glad that our...

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