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Check out these Paul smith x Oakley vivid camouflage frogskin shades. The 80s trend is finally blowing right in your face. I have always had a thing for the 80s as I m a new wave music fan and those make up and dressing sense are just so beyond. Also all those neon color outfits with hideous haircuts are just my fav thing in the world. Here you go people, stop calling me lame and hideous, and start dressing like an idiot now. You are only an idiot when everybody else is doing it at the same time! I m going to all the nude colors...

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its been long

wow this 3 minutes hot lasted for how long, a few months? well now i m back again. I guess its more like i m posting stuffs here for myself to read! came across this website and this website liking the hellz bellz stuffs My shopping list from the UK: Some rocket pockets lipgloss by Urban decay of naked men as decoration The parcells mini beatbox and coin purse This summer is gonna be so electrically colorful....

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Patricia field – Destination style NEW YORK collection ( Plus size fashion in hong kong)

The yet trendiest collection from M&S – collaboration with Patricia Field – limited one-off edition on sale for 2 weeks in Hong Kong. I have to say them dresses are gorgeous, however, at 1.5K/dress + you can only wear it at most twice… mmm not quite worth it, unless you are a hardcore fan. So I just tried them on and took a pic for record and happily put them down. *BUT, there is a trench coat I couldn’t resist as its a classic yet sexy design, will post up a pic later...

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Women like me, need to emphasize what we have, right? Our curvy curves selves. I don’t have sexy collarbones, slim and long legs, so I do what celebrates my curves, the “hourglass figure”. Oh well thank god that I have a waist altho not small (or my mom’s corset which i used to wear most of the days when I was blooming). We curvy girls need to tell people we do have a waist you know, otherwise whats the difference between a red postbox and me in my red dress? This Winter, I’m gonna stuff my wardrobe with these fab dresses as Pinup girls clothing do XL size (sometimes 2x as well!), oh its gonna be oh so retro! Also, Halloween is coming! What am I gonna wear? It’s funny how I never really party that day but It should be a great chance to wear to most hidious outfit to hit the town eh? This year I might do so as a friend is gonna throw a halloween costume party. My fav fav fav is rainbow Brite! But it doesnt come in plus size awww 🙁...

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