AESA Space Candy Silk Fade Out in Fuchsia/Turquoise, Black/Gold

“Brooklyn native Randi Mates is the designer behind the New York-based jewelry line Aesa, (the name means ‘personification of destiny’ in Ancient Greek). Formally a historian, Mates began training as a classical Greek and Roman metalsmith in 2005 and Aesa jewelry was born in late 2006 ”

Quoted from revolve clothing which is carrying some pieces from the designer’s creative jewelry line, including this classic look necklace which goes with many different outfits! You can wear it with your grey suit to work, your white dress for a night out or simply just jeans and a Tee and it will stand out and compliment your overall look of the day.

My personal choice would be this Fuschia/Tuquoise color though. The color combination is very in now as the 80s were back last few seasons and will linger on for a while longer. It is also inexpensive compare to the other similar style out there.Unfortunately it is now sold out and all I can do is dream about it and check out their new seasons goodies. 🙂