In case you are wondering how to name those pants with elastic bands that loop around the arches of your foot, they are called the stirrup pants. Stirrup pants were very popular in the late 70s to the early 90s, usually being worn with broader shouldered clothes.

For girls who have a curvier figure, they might not be able to wear bright color, pattern leggings like the slim girls do ( or like La Roux here). As leggings are body hugging and they cut off right above your ankles, which makes the legs look shorter, which, also means not very flattering to wear.

Good news is, since the 80s trend is still going strong this winter towards the rocker look, stirrup leggings/jeans are also making their come back. You can now see some of them available from the high street fashion brands like top shop or Miss Selfridge.

I think they are absolutely brilliant as a little elastic band can make a huge difference, they stretches to the bottom of your foot so that its less body hugging, hiding the bumps or extra curves on the calves and also elongate the appearance of legs. Pairing with a padded shoulder jacket and some studded accessories, you are ready to rock and roll 😉 (Who says curvy girls cannot look raw?)

On a side note: Leggings that are using thicker denim material like jeans are called the Jeggings, I find it hilarious as I believe this is a new term that are being used nowadays.