To sum up Tavi Gevinson in a formula; it would be “Young + Unisex + Experimental.”
Young – Tavi is only 13 years old, but she has already developed her own unique fashion sense and style, having an outstanding identity as a young fashion blogger in America. (Her Blog Style rookie has over 50,000 readers and the popularity is growing each day)
Unisex – Tavi has very balanced features, is a girl but looks like a boy. She can wear whatever she wants and still look good in them effortlessly, be it edgy or girly. Just because she has a 13 year old body (well, so does Brayanboy :)), she is exactly what all those skinny models want to look like, yet, Tavi doesn’t need to starve herself for having it, and I can see more and more designers will want her to be in their shows in the future 😉
Experimental- She would throw on really strange pieces of clothes together to create the special look. Although, I would say they are either hit or miss at this stage, still, she is absolutely talented. (Probably due to her wardrobe is limited to her parent’s closet or the second-hand clothes shop down the road?)
All of the above + her artistic view/ photography talent at this very young age (which cannot be calculated in a formula for sure) makes us want more. I mean, people who are craving for refreshing characters in the fashion world would totally choose to read her stuffs more than Anna Wintour right? 😀


Many of us would say, “Oh, she reminds me of my childhood; I used to be just like her when I was a kid.” As we get older, we have forgotten what it is like to be creative, so it seems that what Tavi does give us a place to fantasize about being young again. People nowadays need constant stimulation and objects and things to believe in (yes, we need hope in the world). So, a young little girl who is very clear about what she wants and is fearless to express herself will surely be something worth talking about or look up to.
Anyways, who’s stopping you or me from being fearless and creative?

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