I have been fantacising about living in Berlin for quite sometime now. I never went to Berlin before this article.
And I have heard many good things about the place; about how people are so opened minded and accepting over there, I feel like that would be a perfect place for an outcast like me. It would also inspire me to create even more I dreamed.

So I went.

I had not much feeling entering the city, it was a rainy night.
Perhaps I was in Helsinki the night before, where everything is so tranquillising, I was a bit too calm to feel excited.

First feeling when I get the train ride to my bnb – “Berlin feels ok safe”
There is definitely diversity in this city because I see people of different social background and ethnicity taking the same train.
I guess that’s the majority I see.


My bnb is at Friedrichshain, only a few stops away from Alexanderplatz, the city centre. It feels like a suburb to me already, being someone who lives near Central in Hong Kong.

I got off the plane a few hours ago only and haven’t had proper dinner, but then it’s already 10pm, so I grab a doner kebab right next to my bnb just to fill my stomach. Came to much of a surprise, it was very good.

I went to bed fairly early, as I know I will be out and about all day tomorrow.

Next day, waking up around 10 and poscrastinated to get out of bed, it’s already after lunch time when I am in the city. I was planning to have a good meal by myself at the Soho House, of course it’s members only and I was not invited to get in their nice rooftop restaurant.Nonetheless, I had a look around the place, where the ground floor has a cafe, a large size luxury boutique and an Italian restaurant.

Not feeling Italian food as I know I am going to be in Sicily’s arms very soon, I turned down the suggestion from the concierge and head out of the place.

I kept walking down the main street that leads me back to alexanderplatz, then at one corner I turned into the small streets, first thing that strike me was Maggie’s young face on the poster outside of Kino.

It is funny to feel that I needed that 1 second of familiarity to see an Asian face, or maybe just a familiar feeling that Wong Ka Wai’s movie is playing here at the Art theatre and there is a Hong Kong Theme movie festival going on.

Which strikes me later, I haven’t seen any Asian people here apart from the ones working at the massage parlour and asia take away at the train station.

It seems that I have wandered to somewhere cool, right across the theatre, there is this cool rug place that sells modern designed rugs, I never thought Rugs were cool.

Then I pass by a designer hat shop, I sent a photo immediately to my friend Noeleen who is also a millinery because I see many hat blocks in different shapes and sizes, I think she will like to be here.

Oh wow I thought to myself, what a lovely street with all these indie luxury designers, creativity dip in money is definitely a drug I can get used to.

I stop by the front of a shop, a brand called . their design and clothing looks exquisite. It also look like their sizing is slightly bigger than what I am used to seeing at any luxury stores, but then it is too expensive for me. Afterall, I don’t have a big budget for shopping this time.

I am looking for food but all I see are Asian cafes, it is a little after 2 and yet they are still full of customers, funnily they are all caucasians, which puzzles me a lot (Haha! I don’t know how to pinpoint this feeling).

I decided not to think about food for a while and just keep exploring.

I crossed the street again after a vietnamese cafe, then this all white and wood shopfront caught my eyes, most of the time I get intimidated by nice shop front but that day I felt brave and took the leap.

It was the best decision I have made because for all summer, I was looking for the right denim skirt, and as I browse through their curated vintage collection, I saw this deconstructed pair of Levi’s jeans turned knee high skirt , IN MY SIZE ????

Seriously, what is the odd?

While still trying to understand what happened (I asked myself, is it real? I can actually find quality vintage clothing that fits me from a store?) I started talking to Caitlin and Bryan, the owners and learned that they are from LA, has been living in the US and now based here in Berlin being closer to Bryan’s root.

As we talk more, I was told that they have started collecting a vintage of #plussize (seems like there is a reason to move here ????), and they have also introduced me to a multi way dress that is absolutely versatile, chic and gorgeous, it’s a dress wearable for US size 0-16, I am dead.

Caitlin was super nice and took the time to explain to me how to wear this dresses in its many different ways, even though I told her I don’t have much budget this time for shopping.

The dress costs 128 Euros, for it is a dress that you can wear every summer and in many different ways, it is worth it. However I will save my money to have more Pasta con ricci, so I will come back next time for it.

Though, I still got myself 2 amazing items – my now beloved denim skirt and this dark green leather belt, a style that I have also been looking for a LONG LONG time.

Is this how it feels being able to shop at a store, straight size girls? Here are the videos I made in Berlin of my shopping experience