Every year I would go on a longer trip, the only holiday that allows me to travel far, which is by end of Summer.

Being in the midst of global warming means that it’s the best time to be in Europe in Sept/Oct.
It definitely rains less, not as hot anymore and just the way I like it – depends where you are in Europe, it spans from 6-23C.

This year my trip starts from Helsinki, even though I was only there for 3 nights 2 days, I get a glimpse of how it’s like being in the metropolitan Helsinki, it’s really not much of a difference than other European main city, even though way more relaxing and slow.

I always travel to find clothes since there is almost nothing in my size available to try on in Hong Kong.
This time I feel really lucky just strolling around the city and wandered to a street where there are plenty of stuff in my sizes.

Fredrikinkatu 36, where a large second hand clothing store, some boutiques for ladies and a lingerie place stationed.
I feel that it can take care of all my needs within 3 hours of shopping since it’s so centralised.
I have made a video for you to check out my day of Helsinki.

Also, the food of Finland! I guess it is really what helps most people get through the day cheerily or even a significant highlight, because all the produce around are extremely fresh; even the smoked and marinated product which are supposed to be aged, you can still taste most of the freshness in them.

Here is another video I have put together of all the meals I have had and food I have tried in 1 day. Hope you can also get an idea if next time you find yourself in Helsinki.

Food tasting is an essential part of travel because through a place’s main culture, i.e. food, you can really learn a lot from how people live their daily life. The essence, and diversity in human race.