Via Airbnb Experience, we visited Li, a digital artist living in Shanghai.

Li has been working as a digital artist for over 10 years in the luxury fashion industry. His job mainly consists of photoshopping images for fashion editorial shoots, TV or printing ads, and sometimes celebrities photos.

We have seen many videos of what and how people photoshop an object, an image or any models (mostly women) into something unrealistically beautiful, i.e. the society beauty standard we see nowadays. Naively, many of us thought all they have to do is to fix the skin texture or hair colour on the models and perhaps adjust the lighting and colour of props, and that’s about it, but turn out it’s much more than that.

After talking to Li, I realised his job requires him to sometimes, photoshop the WHOLE magazine. We are talking about every single page and all the images you can find in it.


I mean, can you imagine what we are getting ourselves into, by reading these magazines since a young age?

2019 is a good year for us because we are slowly breaking the mold for the next generation. Because of body positivity, we are more opened to share our once considered flawed body with the world. Thanks to the movement in America, which eventually, and hopefully can arrive in Asia.

For confidential reasons I am not going to expose the names of these celebs Li showed us on the screen but their before and after photos were really shocking to see. It’s even worse to know that sometimes celebs don’t even have to be beautiful naturally but all they need is to have a slender figure. Talk about thin privilege and size discrimination…

It’s extremely ingrained in our system that we compare ourselves to these people/models and therefore establish low esteem in our body images.

Well, don’t be, because if you have seen more of these images of what the celebs/ models look like in real life, you would figure out that we are actually all the same. These flaws the fashion designers, art directors, and artists impose and manipulate with photoshop, are nowhere near their real self, these are the kind of dreams they made and try to sell us.

Soon we don’t need them anymore, because CGI rendered images and “cyber models” are soon going to be a popular thing, and at least if there were to be regulations on body image protection, one can change the skin colour to blue and shiny as a disclaimer.