Fat bodies should be treated same as thin bodies, just like disabled bodies same as able bodies; black bodies as white bodies; we are all human bodies and we all deserve the same amount of respect.
However, we are taught about bias, prejudice and exclusivity. The majority of the human race are being taught these, because of patriarchy, beautism, racism, sexism, colourism and most of all, capitalism.

A majority of the privileged are afraid that we are going to take their money, their space, their resources once we learn to rise up. Therefore the white dominated society from the past enforced the idea about hierarchy and standards in their favour, so that we can be enslaved, categorised and judged of our human worth, hence can be controlled.
Somehow this voice has been the only thing we know and learn from until feminism makes waves, and I can see we are moving to the right direction slowly.

However, until now @Instagram is still policing fat women bodies because many are against us. Fat bodies are something many don’t want to associate with because they are afraid their privileges are going to be taken away being with the “undesirables”.

And then, #fatisnotaviolation is born, to fight against these society beauty standards, to fight for fat bodies to exist, to fight for visibility, for human rights and equality. .
Along with all the #bopo movements, we share our stories and make ourselves heard.
I want the next generation to grow up with every bodies being seen and normalised because we all deserve the same opportunity and respect as the thin, beautiful, young, rich bodies. ✊

Special thanks to Ernest Chang @iamernestchang @thestallery for the photos