“The clothing designers think that because of my size I don’t want to be seen,” says Tracy, size 24. “I have literally found myself in fitting rooms crying … I want to feel comfortable, I want to feel confident and I want to feel pretty. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I feel like they’re offering us potato sacks!” 

“I’m forced to wear these peasant blouses,” says Jessica, who wears a size 22. “I don’t feel 30; I feel like I’m [wearing] my grandmother’s table cloth!” 
It is really heart-breaking to hear this as a plus size woman. In fact, this would represent most women, plus-size or not, if they can’t seem to find the right clothes, they don’t get the right help or they lack a sense of style.
I can tell you, we are not born with a sense of most things; some people have no common sense, some are not good with math, some are not good with communication and some are not good with fashion sense; it is normal that nobody is perfect. 
However, dress well, groom well has become more of a survival skill in our world right now. A friend of mine says, “There is no racist, sexist, nor any discrimination but just one thing, we are all beautist.” We treat beautiful people better, we like cute kids and kittens and we dislike ugly people and things. This is a big trend in the world, we probably have to consider following the “protocol” or being left behind. Or as you may, find an industry where you do not need human contact, just communicate behind the scene and live in a small town.

Instead of going for dramatic lifestyle alteration, we can easily fix this in a few steps!

By adjusting your habit; give yourself a couple of hours a week to browse online free material and tutorial of below list and try to copy.
1.Go to Youtube or any video site
Look for grooming tips: Keywords are “how to shape your eyebrows”, “how to apply natural make up”, “hair removal”, etc.
2.Browse websites for styling tips
put in keywords of what you want: “plus size”, “casual”, “feminine”, “work” in the search engine of these sites.
Needless to say, no matter what you look, you are what you eat, have healthier diet and make yourself feel and look better in and out.

4. Read
Finally, get away from the computer and read a book of various topics in personal growth.
Try to think differently, step away from your own opinions and what you know, open up, learn to be humble and confidence. Find that inner peace in you to reflect a more beautiful you.