So! Halloween is coming again, and every year I’d tell myself the same thing according to¬†below timeline,

Late September

“Nah, I am not doing it this year” (The truth is I don’t know if I have friends to go out with to do it)

Early Oct

“Mmm, what do I want to be this year? I will think of something brilliant *Grin* ” (I don’t care, I want to go out and play)

Mid Oct

“Ooh I really want to be Enid in Ghost world, but I need to go on Etsy to get the Raptor T-shirt first!” (Excuse, also a legit want and need)

Enid is my favorite character and Ghost world is my favorite movie.














3 days before Halloween

“I’d just find whatever in my wardrobe and put them together! Let’s party!” ( I don’t want to die alone)

You will soon see what lead to the outfits of my past years below, but first! Let me rant a little bit ūüėÄ

So since I don’t know what I want to be this year, I have reviewed all the outfits of the past I can find, just to, you know reflect upon them…

You see, being a fat girl in Hong Kong (I have been a size 12/14 while most of the women here are size 2/4), I was never the attractive person who would get any attentions from boys, instead, I spent my teenage years being a tomboy, I wear my first dress at 21, and had a hard time trying socialising with the opposite gender (I can’t even speak to them), I was a total nerd.

Now that I look back at the photos, I realised I have always been trying to be the sexy thing at Halloween,  just like that one out of the two types of girls (the creative ones or the sexy thang, let me know if there is the 3rd type). I also realised at the same time, I have only been trying to dress like this on Halloween.

NO,  hold on to the negativity, and those words you use to slutshame girls.

YES, I might be sexualising myself, dress inviting or whatever, but the way girls dress has nothing to do with the other people’s opinion, just like guys can wear just a cloth on their crotch and be Tarzan, and nobody is gonna say anything about them.¬†It’s about what we want to do or wear, and on that day, and I decided that it is what I want to wear so I wore it!

It’s in fact true that, I feel that if many people are doing it at the same time, I could just blend in and not get attack like if I am wearing things like this on a normal day. But now that I think about it, how mess up was this thinking? How not confident I am about myself and let the noise stop me from having fun in my 20s?¬†I fell for the moral standard my society has been telling me, and never try to dress however I want apart from Halloween.

Now I am starting to regret that!

And on top of that, Halloween is actually a time for some of the girls who are shy to dress daringly, to liberate their sexuality as women in their youth so the word “slutty” can go to hell.

Young people go hunting for sex, mating is human nature. So don’t try to make it sound like it’s a bad thing. If you are religious and don’t do it yourself, it’s also ok that you don’t do it. Let the other people decide for themselves what they want and whatever they want to do, wear, say, act.¬†As long as we are protected, and it’s consensual (to them and their partner if they are attached), nobody can judge anyone for their behaviour since it’s a fair game.

Rant Finish!

Bonus edit:

My Outfit Reviews

So in the memory of my Halloweens, I have decided to share my private photos with you girls, even though they will end up on the interweb.¬†I have also¬†spotted my pattern, which is I normally don’t care, but there are exceptions.

1.Effort- 1 time

I promise myself, from now on, I will do more of this, because it’s fun, creative and it’s such a good memory dressing up as what I want to be!

I was Rainbow Brite and I went to a tailor for this dress, I sourced my own fabric, sequins, my rainbow purse and the rainbow socks myself, I love it!


















2.Effortless buy

I put on something¬†2 sizes smaller because that’s all I can find on Pottinger street (in Hong Kong), hey make it sexy so I can get my attractiveness¬†up to talk to some boys yeh?



My friend got me this outfit as I did’t want to dress up


Got this on Taobao ( Alibab Express) because I wanted to feel cute and sexy
















3.Whatever I can find

I was mostly being lazy and actually have to be creative about what I could wear going out, because of limited time, resources, money or simply didn’t know that I was going out! However I had some pretty cool ones and great memories from those nights! so go out there and have fun, ladies!












































party girl year















a little bit more effort than usual

















My first halloween at 16













Mmm, what am I going to wear this year?