Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I have written a post! So, I’d like to give you an update on what I have been doing in the past few months; apart from a well deserved holiday in Italy (<– check out my photos on Instagram!)

I have also done a couple of interviews on the media about Curvasian and also the Curves In Asia project, which you can see at the PRESS page on my blog.


In August, I was invited to the 123 show with Noreen Mir at RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong, to talk about my own experience and how I came to being a voice for body positivity in Asia; I had a pleasant time chatting with her during the interview, which leads to a very exciting opportunity for me in this coming 2 months 🙂

I am happy to tell y’all that I have landed a radio show co-hosting with Noreen for a series of Body positivity talk!

There will be 6 episodes in this series, and on each one, Noreen and I will have a chat with a special guest about body images, girl power and how the guest life journey leads them to their own career choices. I will announce each guest’s name with a post in the beginning of the week so check this space!

I am also very happy to announce here, the first guest of this series is Michelle Elman,
the campaign founder of #scarrednotscared.


I met Michelle on Instagram a year ago, and we have been trying to raise awareness for Asia in the body positive community . Among us, bullying exists in a different scale, sometimes even harsher than in the west due to the obscure standards in the Asian society.

Here is a little background about Michelle.

“Scarred Not Scared was born out of Michelle’s desire to start a conversation around surgery scars and the side effects operations can have on a person’s life. It was a personal mission for Michelle and she has undergone 15 surgeries herself. By the age of 20, she had had a brain tumour, a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel, a cyst in her brain and a condition called Hydrocephalus. Since showing her scars in a bikini and sharing her story, she has been praised as a body confidence role model, having been chosen as one of the top body positive moments of 2015 by Cosmopolitan.”

The 1st episode will be on air at the following schedule, so stay tune to listen to us talking about body positivity, see you there <3.  

Date: 14th Oct, 2016

Time: 1pm – 3pm

On RTHK radio Three – The 123 show

On RTHK 3 website

On Radio (if you are in Hong Kong)

FM106.8, AM567 /AM1584 (HK South)/ FM107.8 (Tseung Kwan O, Tin Shui Wai)/FM97.9 (Happy Valley, Jardine’s lookout, Parkview corner)