We have heard a lot about the Project Runway drama in the past few days of contestant Ven Budhu bullying the size 10 Mom Terri Herlihy (below).
One of the major mistakes made from plus size clothing designers is, they don’t know what to do with the essential cutting of the clothing! If we already have all these curves, the last thing we want is to have even more curves and eventually look like a spherical object!
In the show, Michael Kors also mentioned the top is drawing all the attention to the shoulders however not in a good way. The top she was wearing is almost like a piece of cloth, it has nothing to define her bosoms and shoulders and it doesn’t flatter her appearance. Instead, the designer used a small belt to cinge her waist and that’s the only thing he can think about. The skirt is not even hugging her body correctly and most of all, she’s wearing flats. Out of all the looks a woman can have, this is what she gets. Why would someone who has no fashion sense be allowed to be a designer and be on TV to bully women?
This designer claims that he has good taste and a keen eye for design, but be honest, I can’t see it. Look at the clothes he designs for “normal” size models, my opinion contains one word – dull.

I see these designs everywhere, I can pick something similar easily in Debenhams, so what makes him so special to go on project runway and think he can make a career out of it? He is at best just one of the employees in a womenswear company. I doubt that many designers out there can dress anyone but only stick thin models.

The truth is, it takes someone who knows women with curves to make clothes for curves. The “makeover” he did was horrible, and it has absolutely nothing to do because of the model herself. It is simply because he doesn’t have the knowledge to dress a real woman.Many plus size brands nowadays carry clothers that are very modern and sexy. They cater what we need, chic and hip styles, something we would feel comfortable wearing and look great at the same time.Check out my other posts on how to style and wear something that fits you.