I am the most happy when I am making use of my creativity. To others it might be nothing but I don’t need to care about what they think! I do it for myself.


Jane Norman Pleather Jacket
Monki Silver knit Sweater
Zara pleather shorts
Adidas Slvr Sneakers

Sometimes I feel like I am too busy with other things that I stop creating, because life gives you many things you need to maintain, I guess that’s a constant reminder for me to not take things for granted, because “ME” time is precious. And that’s why life is challenging and rewarding at the same time when you make that extra effort and accomplish something for yourself instead of just being a robot in order to keep going.

Thinking about it, In my free time I’d write on my blog, I post articles on my Facebook page, I create mood board on Pinterest and I create outfit post on Instagram.
These are the things that make me truly happy in the chaotic world, and I am glad to have found these great platforms to use my creativity. Happiness is where you make it.