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UK Brand Phase Eight in Hong Kong (size 6-16)

Curvy girls I have some good news for you!

English brand Phase Eight has opened 3 stores in Hong Kong by Rue Madame Fashion Group (actually since last year!) and they carry feminine and elegant pieces from UK size 6-16.

The selection in the store offers mostly work wear, shift dresses and some evening gowns, These are the things I see lack of in the marking in Hong Kong so they come in quite handy if we need to get some party wear etc.

Some of the styles are bigger than others and they can probably fit up to size UK20 (US16) so go try them out for the ultimate experience!

I was not aware at first about the sizes they have so I visited one to make sure. The friendly staff told me when new arrivals come in, every size would have size 16 available, which is very good and not discriminating, so kudos to Rue Madame!



As I am writing this post, I feel really excited to confirm to you that there is another brands here carrying up to size 16 apart from MnS, I basically feel lucky you know?

Like Topshop, when they first arrived, 80% of the style have size 16 available, but as time goes by, less and less styles and only the conservative ones left; after 2 years, you can hardly find any size 16 there now.

So if any fashion buyers in HK happen to read this; I am confident to say that Phase Eight have done enough research and analyses before bringing in the size 14,16 here. Also, as you can see MnS has been around for over 2 decades selling size 6-24, there must be enough customers here that has the need. Therefore, it’s not that there is no market for plus size clothing in Hong Kong, It’s that you need to open the market here instead, like Phrase Eight!

In my opinion, the buyers should listen to what we want instead and do some research on their own instead of believing their sales reports, which doesn’t even include the size in there to have the data analysed, and then thinking that there is no such need!

Let’s have a moment appreciating this brand for breaking the tradition and allow us size 14, 16 to have more beautiful clothes to wear, and I hope in the future they will import some 18 and 20 too!

Phrase Eight Store locations in Hong Kong

Sogo TST

LG/F – 12, SOGO, 20 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: 39111660

Harbour City

Shop 2120B, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tel: : 2155 1998


Shop 280, 2/F, City Plaza, 18 Taikoo Shing Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong
Tel: 2234 9178

Sera Lilly Curve

2015 is the most exciting year for plus size girls yet, as everyday, there are new brands sprung up and I can see the designs of plus size clothing keep improving and upgrading. Gone were the days when you can’t even find any decent clothes for a night out or a romantic date!

Today I am going to introduce to you a brand from New Zealand called Sera Lily Curve – founded by NZ fashion designer / blogger Sera Lilly (ig:Kiwicurves) and his brother Josh in April this year, whom I followed for quite sometime now. I was quite surprise that the brand has come together and already established in a short period of time, I basically watch her whole sourcing period to launching within half a year. It also shows how much they are passionate and experienced about this business ( a big plus point!)

Josh (Left) Sara Lilly (Right)

Moreover, never have I thought that one of the most fashion forward plus size brand is happening nearer to me than in the US, so I am very excited and cannot wait to try on some of their cute playful designs.

Here are a few looks I like the most from their latest collection

First and foremost, this co-ord is just fabulous, playful suit jacket with cape detail, in a tribal x Memphis style pattern. Who wants to stand out at a party or an event? get these!

If you want someone more romantic, like an outfit to go on a date on Saturday Afternoon, here you go. the look below is perfect for it. It’s casual yet ladylike, pair with some accessories and straw hat, you will look super cute and summery. I guess especially for Australia and New Zealand since it’s the summer over there. Denim and flowery patterns are trending at the moment so don’t miss it.


Feeling a bit lazy and want to go for dresses? This is my pick from their collection, as I like the off shoulder detail and the bold royal blue colour. I would wear some gladiator boots with it and a small chain clutch.


Last but not least, Sera Lilly already developed the accessories line to go with the collection. Personally I think these small bags are gorgeous and practical, they perfected the first compact yet well rounded collection of theirs. I cannot wait to see what’s next for this brand and I have super high hopes in it!



Women’s Plus Size Work Clothes / Workwear

Hey There!

I just learned about this new brand called Universal Standard, seems like a beautiful collection of higher quality products. The coat above and its little red detail tell it all (although the campaign is a little too subtle and dark, I cannot really take a good look at the overall craftsmanship of the collection) , but you can be the judge and below is the rest of the collection.

Talking about work clothes for plus size women, just like any other plus size fashion or clothing, there aren’t too many choices out there, but of course you still have some options and it’s not like you won’t find clothes to wear 😉

The best established brand goes to Carmakoma from Denmark for it’s elegant design that fits properly on plus size women.

The spanish brand was one of the first to use a plus size model in their campaign back in 2007 ( I still have the hard copy booklet!), but not until last year, they launch the plus size line Violeta. Just like Mango, it covers all segment for plus size women – casual wear, party wear and also included workwear.

There are also other brands which are not as minimalist as could be, but good options for the formal dressing needs.






Top 10 Plus size sportswear / activewear

In my last post, I talked about Sportluxe – high fashion workout gear for straight size and some XLs for inbetweenies, therefore I have not focused on plus size brands. There are now many brands out there available for plus size women and I need to have a separate post just for it 🙂

Personally I have not tried any of these brands fit, because my heart is on the sportluxe brands (now I am working towards being able to squeez into them)!

I want to point out that, appearance of sportswear is as important as its function, it has to be both! So, invest in some higher quality pieces. Especially nowadays we have more options as ever before, of course you want to choose the best among all that last long, functional and makes you look good.

Material is really important, we don’t have the same body size or shape as slim women and there are many things in plus size activewear design that needs to pay more attention to.

For example, the inner thigh area, most of us has chub rub because of our thick thighs, therefore the fabric use on the jogging pants need more resistant than usual.

We also have different size of legs, some big girls have lean long legs and some like me have shorter and strong, thick limbs.

Last but not least, most of us have larger breasts than slim girls, due to fat distribution of course! Therefore the tops we wear should be more supportive with good coverage.

For big boobes girls, I would suggest you to look for bratop or vest that has built in layer, put them on after wearing your sportbras.

Then it comes to design, nowadays we don’t want baggy outfit that is shapeless, having the style add to our fitness outfit will definitely boost the motivation for us to go get some exercise!

Here below are the activewear brands that offer plus size for your browsing pleasure!


 Function and sport design, no fashion elements but offers high tech compression wear, comes in S- XXL

Fashion over sport as seems that the material used is more for leisure than intensive sport

Sporty and fashionable active wear

Surprisingly extensive range of plus size active wear by Fila


Size 0-28

“I know the pain of trying to find sexy, fashionable plus size activewear, which is why I started Just Curves”  – Yolanda Williams, founder of Just curves


Designer Becca manufatures her own fun fashionable leggings for plus size girls

Dedicate to plus size fitness! #definebrave