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As a Hong Konger, I don’t see this place I live as a fashion city, it certainly cannot be compared to New York, Paris or London as only a small percentage of people would care much of what they wear, how they present...

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  • Struggle to compose the writing in Chinese, to describe our feelings towards body positivity, is holding us up for this post. @curvesinasia is looking for Chinese writers and interpreters for commissioned work, to coin terms for body positivity in China. If you love writing and care about social politics. Please PM us for detail!
  • @whitejeje is about a young woman exploring and expressing her sexuality, which is the most normal thing a young woman would do. But somehow it is political for her to do so, and her sexuality is being policed, because her body size does not fit the ideal society beauty or health standard. Therefore it’s forbidden from self-expression. 
At the same time, it is also a kink, or a fetish for her to be sex positive, as if it’s a porn category for men to browse freely. 
We are here to denounce it. We are going to wear whatever we want, however we want and wherever we want. Stop policing and objectifying women’s body. Our body is our choice and it has nothing to do with whether you like it or not. It has to do with whether We like it. 
#curvesinasia #setmycurvesfree #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyacceptance #fatacceptance
  • 我地喺Instagram上識到Rosie的。

人哋話人靠衣裝,表達自己最快捷方法就係俾人睇到你着嘅衫; 然而唔多唔少,形象都會代表左你嘅性格。


如果你嘗試去認識Rosie 的話,你就會發覺,根本佢係一個好有愛心嘅人💕

就算同我哋素未謀面 (只係網上傾談過一段時間),她亦好爽快咁答應我哋嘅要求,幫手安排上一輯嘅造型,同埋做今次#curvesinasia嘅女主角。

係一個人生裏面,如果怕被人話on 🐶 ,或者因為驚被人拒絕,而慣性唔行出第一步,你就會失去好多機會接觸唔同嘅人。

就好似今次,如果唔係我地唔怕醜主動結識Rosie的話 ,根本就唔會有第一&二輯 #curvesinasia 嘅相分享到比大家嘅可能!

所以趁世界仲未末日,快啲出去識同多啲新人,傾心事,做大小事,一齊玩下多啲聯乘啦⋯⋯ 如果你想一齊玩,做我哋嘅model/造型設計/攝影師/策劃就即刻Say個Hi DM 我地吧💛

Model/造型設計: 多謝😘Rosie @ sci_fi_c0c0 喺一及二輯幫我地呀 💕

攝影師/策劃: @berthachandotcom

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