Sex/ Race / Size discrimination in Hong Kong? It’s normal la.

The first Topshop Hong Kong store will be opened tomorrow. With almost no value being a plus size blogger in Hong Kong, I have failed to report whether they will carry clothing from size 14 to 18, as so far I have not gotten any answer from anyone; including Lane Crawford Joyce Group and Lab Concept HK press team (very disappointed!)I can see lots of people standing up to the #bodyshaming Abercrombie and Fitch since the ugly news broke out, but certainly it is not the case in Hong Kong. It is the norm that most brands do not provide clothes for fat people, so this isn’t the first time I feel left out / being discriminated! Getting news of International brands opening in town always gets me excited but only to find out that they will not be importing certain sizes since there is “no market” for plus size fashion in Hong Kong.

Some might say “oh, you know, Hong Kong is so small, there is not enough population for bigger people in this market!” without knowing what really is the fact. How about comparing us to Singapore? Singapore has only 5.3 million population and we have 7.18 mil; and in Singapore, there are Topshop, River Island, Dorothy Perkins just to name a few of these high street fashion brands, which carry the FULL SIZE RANGE from 0 -18. So don’t tell me we do not have enough people in this city for the plus size market.

At the same time, I am also puzzled that wherever I go shopping around town, the first sizes to have sold out in shops are always the larger sizes, plus, Marks and Spencer has been selling plus size clothing for over a decade, I don’t see them complaining or stop importing! So in what sense do they think there is no such market in Hong Kong?

The reason could be because most buyers do not want to risk not selling well as there is no previous figures to support the decision, so most brands only import a few pieces of the Large size, and there is no such thing as replenishment; or that the local fashion buyers are simply just being bias, thinking large girls must not need to dress nice. Which one do you think could be the answer? If any of these buyers happened to be reading this, I just want to say, please do your research, you never know how much large size would sell if you just give it a chance. Most of the expats are complaining that they cannot find clothes in Hong Kong, and they almost all would go for a shopping spree whenever they have a chance to visit their own country / travel to the West. Let alone most only shop online nowadays, look how well ASOS is doing! And they also have ASOS Curves plus size range now!

List below are international brands which DO carry plus size internationally but not in Hong Kong.
So please don’t be too disappointed next time when you come here and want to do some shopping  tax free x

GAP – up to size 12 only, no 14-20

French Connect Hong Kong – up to 12 and some pieces 14, no 16 and 18
Forever 21 – up to size 14/ 42, no Forever 21 +
Massimo Dutti – up to L, occasional simple pieces XL
Roxy & Quiksilver – Most clothing only up to L, most XL not available
Ted Baker – up to size 12, a few styles up to 14, no 16
Zara – around 8% of their collection with size 46
Pull and Bear – up to 12, a few style of 14
Karen Millen – up to 14, rarely 16, no 18
Levi’s/7/any Jeans – forget it

Hold on, it doesn’t mean we have no hopes.
Here is the list of what’s available in Hong Kong when you come shopping


A little history

There was a time in my life that I was very unhealthy. I thought being thin would make me happy, and by not eating enough for a long time I have lost a lot of weight. Obviously I was using the wrong method.
What was sad is everyone was giving compliments on the result. People would comment on how slim I have gotten to be and how great I look. I have even started to have more attention from the boys. I guess all these “good feelings” keeps me going on but it doesn’t take long before I started to get sick; both physically and mentally. I would hide the fact that I wasn’t eating all day and I’d go to the gym all the time. Little do they know, eventually I was in hospital for 2 weeks fighting an infection I had, mainly due to my weak body.
I have determined not to go so extreme again. Of course the weight crept back up slowly, but as you can see I am so much happier now than I was then because I have come to accepting myself for being who I am – No matter how I look, it doesn’t change who I am inside.
I often feel so insignificant and I am absolutely amazed when I learn about the nature; how life is formed, how the earth is formed and how big the universe is. I don’t even want to go on about what science can do to shape out future and it’s already happening. Therefore, life is too short to just focus on appearance or what other thinks about
how you look, it is very important to spread your energy into gaining knowledge in every
aspects, work hard, be kind and to love your family and true friends.
For the ones out there trying your whole life to be what the society
thinks you should be – give that up and focus on your own core
happiness, it’s a long long journey but we will get there.

Real woman bullied on Project Runway Show

We have heard a lot about the Project Runway drama in the past few days of contestant Ven Budhu bullying the size 10 Mom Terri Herlihy (below).


One of the major mistakes made from plus size clothing designers is, they don’t know what to do with the essential cutting of the clothing! If we already have all these curves, the last thing we want is to have even more curves and eventually look like a spherical object!
In the show, Michael Kors also mentioned the top is drawing all the attention to the shoulders however not in a good way. The top she was wearing is almost like a piece of cloth, it has nothing to define her bosoms and shoulders and it doesn’t flatter her appearance. Instead, the designer used a small belt to cinge her waist and that’s the only thing he can think about. The skirt is not even hugging her body correctly and most of all, she’s wearing flats. Out of all the looks a woman can have, this is what she gets. Why would someone who has no fashion sense be allowed to be a designer and be on TV to bully women?

This designer claims that he has good taste and a keen eye for design, but be honest, I can’t see it. Look at the clothes he designs for “normal” size models, my opinion contains one word – dull.
I see these designs everywhere, I can pick something similar easily in Debenhams, so what makes him so special to go on project runway and think he can make a career out of it? He is at best just one of the employees in a womenswear company. I doubt that many designers out there can dress anyone but only stick thin models.


The truth is, it takes someone who knows women with curves to make clothes for curves. The “makeover” he did was horrible, and it has absolutely nothing to do because of the model herself. It is simply because he doesn’t have the knowledge to dress a real woman.Many plus size brands nowadays carry clothers that are very modern and sexy. They cater what we need, chic and hip styles, something we would feel comfortable wearing and look great at the same time.Check out my other posts on how to style and wear something that fits you.

Good example from Monif C.

First world problem

“The clothing designers think that because of my size I don’t want to be seen,” says Tracy, size 24. “I have literally found myself in fitting rooms crying … I want to feel comfortable, I want to feel confident and I want to feel pretty. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I feel like they’re offering us potato sacks!” 

“I’m forced to wear these peasant blouses,” says Jessica, who wears a size 22. “I don’t feel 30; I feel like I’m [wearing] my grandmother’s table cloth!” [quote from]
It is really heart-breaking to hear this as a plus size woman. In fact, this would represent most women, plus-size or not, if they can’t seem to find the right clothes, they don’t get the right help or they lack a sense of style.
I can tell you, we are not born with a sense of most things; some people have no common sense, some are not good with math, some are not good with communication and some are not good with fashion sense; it is normal that nobody is perfect. 
However, dress well, groom well has become more of a survival skill in our world right now. A friend of mine says, “There is no racist, sexist, nor any discrimination but just one thing, we are all beautist.” We treat beautiful people better, we like cute kids and kittens and we dislike ugly people and things. This is a big trend in the world, we probably have to consider following the “protocol” or being left behind. Or as you may, find an industry where you do not need human contact, just communicate behind the scene and live in a small town.

Instead of going for dramatic lifestyle alteration, we can easily fix this in a few steps!

By adjusting your habit; give yourself a couple of hours a week to browse online free material and tutorial of below list and try to copy.
1.Go to Youtube or any video site
Look for grooming tips: Keywords are “how to shape your eyebrows”, “how to apply natural make up”, “hair removal”, etc.
2.Browse websites for styling tips
put in keywords of what you want: “plus size”, “casual”, “feminine”, “work” in the search engine of these sites.
Needless to say, no matter what you look, you are what you eat, have healthier diet and make yourself feel and look better in and out.

4. Read
Finally, get away from the computer and read a book of various topics in personal growth.
Try to think differently, step away from your own opinions and what you know, open up, learn to be humble and confidence. Find that inner peace in you to reflect a more beautiful you.