Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #2 – Marina Bay

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Curves in Asia #Bodytalk series Episode 2 – Today our guest is Marina Bay, the founder and CEO of Befast tv – a tech start up multimedia website and also a friend of mine. Our guest for this episode is different from the rest of the guests I have on my list because Marina has never been exposed to the subject of Body Positivity, so she’s a great example of how people receive the subject. From Marina’s story, it could be something worth studying for us to see from the other side and feel the perspective. To describe Marina If I were to describe Marina, I would say that she is a brave individual who is doing something different and unique in a men’s world. Marina has a start up that covers mostly tech events and has to constantly interview founders and CEO of tech companies. The tech world which is dominated by men, where women only hold 26 percent of all jobs in the industry, is a scary place to enter. The entry barrier is also difficult if you have no knowledge in the field, so, to be in the game as a woman founder, she

Body Positivity #bodytalk on RTHK Radio 3 #1

Hi all! The 1st episode of Curves in Asia Body talk was on air on Friday 15th Oct, 2016. It is an absolute honour for me to be with RTHK 3 to talk about body positivity, a topic Hong Kong has rarely tapped into! Our first guest of the show is Michelle Elman of Mindset for Life Ltd. About Michelle Michelle is a remarkable strong woman. She has experienced 15 surgeries since she was born; not only she had to go through having serious sickness since a young age, she also has to learn to live with the scars that came with the unfortunate events in her life. But her scars do not define who she is, her inspirational spirit does! Michelle holds a psychology degree and is qualified as a Master Neuro-linguistic programming (NPL) Practitioner and Master NLP Coach. Nowadays Michelle shares her story to the world aiming to inspire people to love the body they are in. She has also set up her company Mindset for Life Ltd. as a body confidence coach so she can help people that are struggling with body image, to rebuild their confidence again. Body Talk 1st Episode content  During the show, we talked about Michelle’s experience of

Hong Kong First Body Positivity talk at RTHK Radio 3

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since I have written a post! So, I’d like to give you an update on what I have been doing in the past few months; apart from a well deserved holiday in Italy (<– check out my photos on Instagram!) I have also done a couple of interviews on the media about Curvasian and also the Curves In Asia project, which you can see at the PRESS page on my blog. In August, I was invited to the 123 show with Noreen Mir at RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong, to talk about my own experience and how I came to being a voice for body positivity in Asia; I had a pleasant time chatting with her during the interview, which leads to a very exciting opportunity for me in this coming 2 months 🙂 I am happy to tell y’all that I have landed a radio show co-hosting with Noreen for a series of Body positivity talk! There will be 6 episodes in this series, and on each one, Noreen and I will have a chat with a special guest about body images, girl power and how the guest life journey leads them to their own career choices. I will announce each guest’s name with

My Body Positive experience at Tedx Lingnan University – Bold

This year in March, one of the most amazing experiences in my life happened –  I did a TED Talk about body positivity. I have spread the message to a crowd of 200 people, it was terrifying but at the end all worth it. All these years of being a body positive advocates, sharing the message, trying to be an example of what it means to live happily no matter what size you are, has lead me to this opportunity and I am forever grateful of it. It was my first public speech and I was really nervous, so I have unconsciously shorten the speech from 15 mins to 9. Once the talk is over, the tremendous relief I had was unspeakable. When the crowd cheered and claps I felt like I have done the right thing and I couldn’t help but burst out in tears again. Three months later, I watch it for the first time, I cringed and stop 3 minutes in. By just looking at my face, I remembered how I have prepared for my speech, rewrite and rewrite into the wee hours in the morning, to the last night before the big day, then practice nonstop for

My world was made better all by myself 世界因為自己而變得豐富

I studied in the local school when I was young, from primary to secondary (I am a high school drop out!). When I was in high school, 5’4 at 180lbs, most of my school friends and mates always make fun of my weight and make it the “subject daily”, just like any high school i guess. Although I wasn’t happy about it, somehow I don’t mind that much thinking, well they are speaking the truth, I am fat! I have always been single and think it must be because I am fat and no other reasons. ( living in HK you have to be a size 4 to not be called fat) I know I am not ugly and I am a fun-loving girl with many guy friends. However, I have never had a proper childhood or teenage life where at least there will be some teenage romance for me. The closest thing would be being approached by pervy old men in the street!:S After all these years of feeling unattractive and being proven by having no one to date or love, it’s easy to feel that I am not worthy, and since, I have developed very low self esteem, and