Curvasians – Danyl from the Philippines

If you have lived in Asia, you have probably encounter comments that target your body size instead of who you are, and more than once! The first “greeting” from people around us are usually comments about our appearance even they mean no harm. It goes like this, “Hey you have lost weight, prettier now!” “Hey your butt looks bigger than last time I saw you! Watch your diet!”

We as individuals, are not usually being praised for our personalities or the knowledge and contribution one holds, but reduced to how many pounds we weight or how pretty we are. I believe women are more than that, that we do not necessarily have to survive using our beauty as what the society deem to believe in nowadays.

In general, most people understand that Asian culture is very different than the west when it comes to “beauty standard”, it is even more conservative comparing to the west. Even in the eyes of the westerns, their perception of “oriental beauty” seems to be reference like Susie wong, or Lucy Liu or whoever they know that is asian, and they are slender dark hair females. But If you have been to Asia you will know that Asians also come in all shapes and sizes too!

In this Curvasians series, I will interview some of the women I have come across as the “Outstanding outcasts” in our society, to showcase samples of who we REALLY are, surpassing the surface of beauty. Afterall, a beautiful mind is what lasts. We will go beyong what’s on the outside, to learn about how some of us see the world, how they have become who they are in their journey.
This is the first curvasian interview I have conducted a while back! We have Danyl from the Philippines. I have met Danyl through Instagram since I have join a few years ago. She has been a force on ig and a fellow aspiring fashion girl that I associate with. We have had similar expereince living in Asia as a non size 2 and that we have both fought our own battle with body images, we have strived and survived, below we will get to know her more

What is your name and where are you from?

My Name is Danyl Lynn Dee, I am from the Philippines.

What size of clothes do you wear?

My size is either Large or Extra Large its depend how they made it. For example, from Forever 21 my size will be a Large and in HM is Extra Large 🙂 

Who is your favorite designer for clothing and your favorite style?

My Favorite Designer is Rachel Zoe because she’s very Classy and Fab… She had a trademark/ signature, That is the reason why I admire her as I have learned a lot from her… each of US has our own trademark/signature style.

My favorite style is Monochrome – black and white. Most of my clothes are color black or white I don’t know why?(Bertha : It is because that’s your favorite style ;))

But one thing that I know is that our style is based on our PERSONALITY.

If one likes girly looks, one will like mostly colorful items, as opposed to someone who likes Black and White. So i guess my Personality reflect what my STYLE Is :)) 

What is your life like living in your country as a curvy Asian girl (*as oppose to most of the other Asians who are naturally lean)?


Most of the Curvy Filipina are SIMPLE, they tend to just wear what’s available, and will usually wear loose clothes to hide their FATS because most of us were ashamed of our BODY. 

You know, I was skinny before, but my confident has increased whilst I gain weight.

I’d realize I need to LOVE myself, of course  I have felt depressed before when i gain weight :)) but because of the all CURVY WOMAN in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and it is really AMAZING!!! and INSPIRING!!! Like YOU!! You Inspired me too!! (Bertha: Thank you :)) Thats why im so thankful to the Honormycurves Movement. Because of her I  have GAINED my CONFIDENT.

And i know Not only me she has CHANGED but many other Ladies and FILIPINA too.

Have you learned anything positive or remarkable from the above experience? What do you love about yourself?


Of couse yes!!! Very Remarkable haha :)) and I have had so much to learn when it comes to styling my clothes. Before, I would envy so much whenever I see other sexy ladies wearing sexy clothes! And I would think I CANT! But I LEARNED that i can wear those sexy outfit in other way ^_^

What do I love about myself? I think! I LOVE being FAT so much haha!! I dont mean being Fat that I always eat but to know how to take care of my health while being curvy ^_^ 

I think PERSONALITY is the most important, not the way you carry you clothes, not the way you flaunt your body, or how nice your skin is, but your PERSONALITY 🙂 Why? Because if you do not love YOURSELF first and what God has given to you, you cant be BEAUTIFUL. If you don’t love yourself, no matter how you try to push it only on the appearance, your “TRUE FORM” will not appear until you take your FIRST STEP is to LOVE YOURSELF.

If you were to join a non-profit organisation to help our society, what would it be?

It would be the Dentous Et Cus Volunteer (Dental Mission).

Ive been a volunteer there for 5 years.

We  have HELPED a lot of people around the Philippines and we gave them a beautiful Smile.

We provide free Cleaning, free Tooth extraction for those who cannot afford the Dental Treatment. We also educated the children on how to take care of their teeth in order to prevent the carious lesion and to have a great smile in the Future 🙂

What / Who is your inspiration?  What do you love doing that promote positivity and happiness?

Actually, its all started on Instagram as I was inspired by people’s #OOTD! Haha :))

When I am on Instagram, I try to influence all Filipina to also try to gain their Confidence ^_^  

My heart melts when I am being compliment, I am told that I’m beautiful, sexy, and those words really melt my heart. So thats why I continued to inspired people and of course because of them and YOU! I never GIVE UP ^_^ 


Any tips for the young women nowadays, our next generation?

I would like to give my tips to ALL the Women in the Whole Wide World!

1.Don’t be afraid of being who you are. You might be compared by others but if you showed what or how you OVERCOME your FEAR and just be yourself, you will definitely be an INSPIRATION to all Women.

2: Don’t be shy. Be Proud what God has given to you 🙂 Because God never provide to us ungraceful gifts.

3. Be Positive and stay focus on YOURSELF.

4: Do what You LOVE because LIFE is too short to waste your time doing anything NONSENSE. 🙂 

(Danyl helped us translated the article into Tagalog as this is her first langugage and it would also be really great to share this with her people from the Philippines in the original context.)

Q: Ano Pangalan mo at saan ka galing

A: Ang pangalan ko ay Danyl Lynn Dee at galing ako sa Pilipinas

Q: Anung sukat ang mga sinusuot mo? 

A: Ang aking sukat ay alin man sa dalawa pwedeng Malaki or mas malaking Sukat depende sa pagkakayari nito tulad ng Forever 21 ang sukat ko doon ay Malaki (large) pero sa H&M ay Mas malaki (extra Large) 🙂 

Q: Sino ang paborito mong Disenyo para sa Damit? Ano ang paborito mong Istilo?

A: Aking paborito kong Disenyo ay si Rachel Zoe dahil napaka Classy at Fab nya. Ayun din ang rasyon bakit ko sya gustong gusto, ang dame ko natutunan sakanya na bawat TAO ay may sariling TATAK 

Paborito kong istilo ay Monochrome – Itim and Puti. Karamihan sa mga damet ko ay itim at puti, di ko alam bakit (Bertha : Dahil ito ang iyong paboritong istilo ;)) 

Pero isa lang alam ko na bawat istilo naten ay binabase sa ating personalidad. Kung ang mga kikay na babae kadalasan ang hilig nila ay makukulay at sa kabaliktaran nito sa mga mahilig sa itim at puti. Kaya’t ang aking Personalidad ay naipapahiwatig kung anu ang Istilo ko 🙂 

Q: Ano klaseng pamumuhay sa iyong bansa bilang Kurbang Asiana (bilang karamihan sa babae sa normal na buhay)

A: Karamihan sa mga babae Filipinang Kurba ay SIMPLE lang tamang ayos, kadalasan maluluwag na damet na tinatago mga TABA, kasi nahihiya dahil malaman kame,,Alamo mo ba ako nagsimula ako sa payat pero mas tumaas un “Confident” ko nang TUMABA na ako, natuklasan ko mahalin ang sarili ko, at syempre nadepress den ako noong una dahil tumaba ako pero dahil sa tulong ng marami Kurbabg babae sa buong MUNDO parang nakakaWOW ? Kahanga hanga sila, tulad mo, Hinahangaan kita as in,,,(Bertha: Salamat Sayo :))  kaya laking pasasalamat ko din talaga sa honormycurves movement dahil sakanya tumaas un Confident ko at alam ko hinde lang ako napabago pati na den ang sa lahat ng babae at mga FILIPINA din 🙂

Q: May natutunan ka ba na kahit anung positibo o pambihira mula sa mga naranasan mo?Ano mga bagay na minahal mo sa sarili mo?

A: Ay OO naman! Pambihira tlga 🙂 at ang dame ko talaga natutunan tulad na lang sa pag isstilo ng damet. Dati parang lahat na lang isuot ng mga sexy babae naiinggit ako, tas ako di ko magagawa. Pero yung nalampasan ko takot ko, natutunan ko maari din ako mag suot ng mga damet na pang payat sa ibang pamamaraan 🙂   

Gustong gusto ko mga Taba ko! Pero di ibig sabihin na kain ng kain pero dapat marunong paden alagaan un sarili naten habang tayo ay kurba pangalawa ay ang PAGKATAO, di sa pano ako manamit, di sa katawan ko makurba o sa kulay ng balat kundi dahil sa PAGKATAO 🙂 bakit? Dahil kung di mo mahal ang sarili mo at di mo minahal ang bigay ng PANGINOON sayo, di ka tlga magiging MAGANDA kahit ilan beses mo subukan, di lalabas un “TOTOO ANYO” mo kung di mo gagawin ang Unang Hakbang ang mamahalin iyong SARILI 🙂 

Q: Kung ikaw sasali sa isang samahang hindi pangkalakan organisasyon para tulungan ang sambayanan, ano ito? 

A: Ito ay ang Dentous Et Cus Volunteer (Dental Mission) Boluntaryo na ako ng 5 years. Marami na kame natulungan na tao sa buong parte ng Pilipinas para magkaroon ng NGITI. 

Nagbibigay kame ng libreng Linis, Libreng Bunot para sa mga tao di makaya ang Dental Treatment.  Tinuturaan din namin ang mga bata pano pangalagaan ang kanilang mga ngipin upang   ng maganda ngiti sa hinaharap 🙂

Q: anumang tip para sa mga kababaihan ngayong mga araw na ito, sa ating susunod na henerasyon?

A: Ang tip na maibibigay ko para sa mga lahat ng kakabihan sa buong MUNDO, 

1: wag matakot, sa una lagi ka nagkukumpara sa iba pero kung ipapakita mo sa iba kung ano at paano mo nalampasan ang TAKOT, talagang nagiging INSPIRASYON ka sa lahat ng Kababaihan tulad ko 🙂 

2: wag mahiya, ipagmalaki kung anu ang binigay ng Panginoon, dahil wala binigay ang Diyos na di maganda regalo sa atin.

3: maging positibo, wag magkumpara ipokus lang ang sarili, at 

4: GAWIN kung anu ang gusto mo, dahil maiksi lang ang buhay naten para sayangin ang oras sa mga bagay na wala naman katuturan 🙂

Please stay tuned to see more interviews of other curvasians from now on 🙂 

Curvasians from the Philippines – Danah and Stacy from The Plump Pinay

My recent visit to Manila has given me the opportunity to meet up with the beloved twins of The Plump Pinay, and I have finally had a taste of the #twinsanity first hand! Again, it’s proven that there is no boundaries when it comes to friendships, as long as one holds an open heart to try and do something new, including meeting new people you have only ever met on instagram!

I love meeting new friends from different countries, our conversation
gives me life as we all exchange our ideas and thoughts, and I am so glad that our
meetup turned out to be such a fun night and a memorable last moments
of the city!

Playing cards against humanity!

Once I know I am visiting Manila, I have reached out to the gorgeous
twins as I can feel really good vibes about them, ever since we became friends online. These two are not just
dolls but pretty from inside and out, in their blog, they cover many
different subjects; food and fashion not to mention (thats what we all
love), they also address different society issues, e.g. human rights,
health, gender equality and also subjects that help build up women. Speaking of which, I was also being interviewed by them some time ago which I have given a thorough history of my own plus size journey and I feel so honored!

have always emphasised that, all women should support each other, make them stronger and build up one another, Danah and Stacy are indeed some very good examples; so it was no doubt that I want to
pay them a visit when I am in the Philippines! 😉


They wrote a blog post which documented my visit and you can check it out here, I am so happy that they captured many fun moments in photos and the details of what we did all night!! I feel so lucky to have these 2 local guides to show me all the fun places and had a great meal in the end of the night.

Visit to get to know the two!


A friend of mine has inspired me to write this article and I probably should open up and embrace my kind from different parts of the world, in fact, I should have written about this in the beginning when I launched this blog!Since I was a child, I have always been the bigger / biggest one in the community; the biggest girl in school, classes, different events, anywhere I go. I never had anyone to complain to, whom really understands how it feels because everyone around me were a size 0/2 (even my best friend is a size 2!). Through out these years, I have learned to isolate myself when necessary as a self defense mechanism, which I felt fine living the way I was. But I was not happy. I have almost forgotten how to connect and open up.

Now, I have finally come out of my shell; I think it’s time to give back and promote self love, to encourage many others who felt left out like I did.

From this article on, I will feature a curvasian in each post and perhaps you can also relate to some of their stories and also spread the love to the ones who need it, the ones who once were or still being troubled by body image like most of us do. 

This time it starts from me.

What’s your name and where are you from?

I am Bertha and I am born and raised in Hong Kong.

What is your life like living in your country as a curvy Asian girl (*as oppose to most of the other Asians who are naturally lean)?

I have always been big, I was already around 120pounds in the last year of my primary school. In the western country, maybe it’s still normal, but I am totally obese if you have to compare me with others. and by the way, NEVER compare yourself with others, because it is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

I was verbally
bullied and discriminated a lot. I was a tomboy growing up because I was skating for a few years, and I would wear baggy clothes to hide my
curves so I feel more “safe” not being seen as a female when I was around almost just men in the skateboarding scene.

I was a binge eater since young and then I have become anorexic
at 20 years old, but being in hospital for 2 weeks not being able to
recover from an infection made me realise how important health is, no
matter I am slim or not. That was the last time I tried to be on a diet, and I have tried anything possible before, but eating disorder is not something so easy to get rid of.

Have you learned anything positive or remarkable from the above experience?

I have learned that my insecurity came from not having confidence in myself because I was constantly being bullied and mocked about my appearance, and somehow I have linked these bad feelings to my self worth. I felt like I am not good at anything I do and I am not given chances as much as others because of my body size, which is not true. And as I grow up, I have gained more and more experiences in other aspects of life, that I realise my body size is not the thing that is stopping me. So from there on, I have been trying hard to prove people wrong by getting things done.
I have also learned that I HAVE to stand up for myself because nobody else would, and that I have to own my own feelings.

Same as work and life experience, you only get to learn and become better once you have stepped outside of your comfort zone and do something different with courage from within. I tell myself now that if I don’t try I will never know what I am capable of doing.

Enough with the sad past experience, name one thing you love about yourself?

I love that I have the ability to comprehend most of the things I want to learn. I am a high school drop out and I have basically learned everything I needed to, to survive, by myself (except mathematics, I suck at math 🙁 ) And I can add, I love that I am beautiful the way I AM 😛

What / Who is your inspiration? 

There are many people I would like to address; my mom for keep pushing me to be a better version of myself, my girlfriend Natalie who is a very kind, humble and strong woman, who can do anything including break dance :D, my gf Kar Yee who used to be my boss and now that we are close friends, who is strong and persistent, I have learned a great deal from them and they have helped shaped me into who I am today.

And one special mention would be Honorine, who is my heroine ( , I should say she is the final trigger.

Ever since I have joined instagram in 2012, I have become one of her many followers, it was the beginning of her #honormycurves movement and that we had more back and forth comments to communicate, so from her encouragement and her positive daily posts, I have helped myself coming out from the shell. Through her, I have discovered a whole new world where women in different shapes and sizes come together and support each other, that we are no more bound to our body size and appearance which we are our worst criticiser. And from there on, I have gained more and more confidence and now I can say I have no fear when it comes to criticism of who I am, because I have finally realised my appearance doesn’t define who I am. It is me who tries to understand, my ability to progress and the hard work I have put into what I love doing do.

What do you love doing that promote happiness?

Ever since I came out of my shell, I started one thing that I have always loved – writing about Fashion and styling. I was too insecure and afraid of being judge all these years, and although I have started reading fashion magazines at age of 13, I have never really played with clothes before. I bought my first dress at 22 years old which barely fit and I wasn’t able to find anything that fit until recent years.

With more and more plus size clothes available to be purchased online, I get to experience many different fashion and I am absolutely in love with it. Women or mankind actually have to encourage oneself to get things done, and by looking beautiful, it’s actually a boost in my own confidence, and it helps get things done.

Hence I have this blog where I can freely talk about fashion, and show my readers my outfit of the day posts, which apparently encourage others being more confident too. I hope my blog and the things I talk about , not just fashion, but being a woman and being happy can inspire someone else who have similar experience in life as woman.

What would you say to your younger self if you could turn back time?

Be yourself, be persistent, focus on what you love and just work hard on it.
You will find that happiness is not far!

Busty Girl problems

I have discovered the busty girl comics not long ago and am absolutely hooked. I even sign up on tumblr so I can follow her.

Grasses are always greener on the other side so there are many things most people just would not understand. BGC share these moments using her cute and witty illustrations. More to that, I believe the artist herself is a supporter of 
race equality as she describes people and characters from all ethnics groups in harmony. Also because it’s true, no matter where we come from, we could have felt the same and have faced similar situations.

Here are a few fun ones that show you the dilemma of having a curvy body. 🙂

The Great Illusion
Clothes that never fit