Women’s Plus Size Work Clothes / Workwear

Hey There! I just learned about this new brand called Universal Standard, seems like a beautiful collection of higher quality products. The coat above and its little red detail tell it all (although the campaign is a little too subtle and dark, I cannot really take a good look at the overall craftsmanship of the collection) , but you can be the judge and below is the rest of the collection. Talking about work clothes for plus size women, just like any other plus size fashion or clothing, there aren’t too many choices out there, but of course you still have some options and it’s not like you won’t find clothes to wear 😉 Carmakoma The best established brand goes to Carmakoma from Denmark for it’s elegant design that fits properly on plus size women. Violeta by Mango The spanish brand was one of the first to use a plus size model in their campaign back in 2007 ( I still have the hard copy booklet!), but not until last year, they launch the plus size line Violeta. Just like Mango, it covers all segment for plus size women – casual wear, party wear and also included workwear. There are also

Top 10 Plus size sportswear / activewear

In my last post, I talked about Sportluxe – high fashion workout gear for straight size and some XLs for inbetweenies, therefore I have not focused on plus size brands. There are now many brands out there available for plus size women and I need to have a separate post just for it 🙂 Personally I have not tried any of these brands fit, because my heart is on the sportluxe brands (now I am working towards being able to squeez into them)! I want to point out that, appearance of sportswear is as important as its function, it has to be both! So, invest in some higher quality pieces. Especially nowadays we have more options as ever before, of course you want to choose the best among all that last long, functional and makes you look good. Material is really important, we don’t have the same body size or shape as slim women and there are many things in plus size activewear design that needs to pay more attention to. For example, the inner thigh area, most of us has chub rub because of our thick thighs, therefore the fabric use on the jogging pants need more resistant than

Contemporary and High Fashion for Plus size girls

I have a dream, one day I will be able to wear Plus size contemporary / High Fashion clothing from many talented designers like how straight size girls do. I see high fashion as art and I have always wanted to unite with my favorite art form (for dreaming). If you are into fashion designs, you should feel the butterflies in your stomach whenever you see the latest fashion show from spectacular designers. I always ask why? Why can’t innovative fashion labels make clothes for bigger girls? I know it’s not easy for such business to get funded for one, since we still haven’t shown them enough buying power at the moment but it’s getting there,and I know many of us are still not comfortable enough to put it out there, but WE WILL get there. I want all kind of designs in plus size fashion so bad, that I wish for it to happen almost everyday and that’s one of my goal in life. We will then have a very very different world and the creativity these designers would bring into plus size clothing will be so great, as all the tailoring will be so different than making smaller

Top 5 Plus size Fashion Magazine

I have started reading fashion magazines since I was around 13 years old, and I have been a chubby girl since I was 10. Reading all these Fashion magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, then i-D, Dazed and confused with almost always Size 00 models in there, was obviously not good for my mental health.Well of course after years of confidence building, I don’t really care about body size now. I believe every size could be beautiful, because beauty starts from your feeling within. If you were born with fast metabolism, never had to care what you eat because you can easily stay slim, you may not have to go through as much as we do, nonetheless, we all have image/body issues, confidence issues periodically. I have learned that, one must feel comfortable in thier own skin before one can feel comfortable enhancing their natural beauty with fashion statements. Just remember, you don’t have look like a model to feel beautiful and have confidence in yourself. Appearance is only a part of who we are. With E-magazines being ever so popular nowadays, it’s fairly easy to get our hands on some Plus size Fashion Magazines where you can relate to easier;

Plus size Fashion online shopping tips and Brand Directory

Here is a page where I put together all the Plus size brands with online retail I find decent. Online Shopping is getting so easy nowadays, all you need to know is how the brand fits you by getting to know their clientele base; very simple theory. How to choose the brand suitable for your style One of the most useful tips is – if you are not familiar with shopping online; find things that contains the material LYCRA®. It stretches so it’s comfortable, it’s thicker than just putting elastin in the fabric and of it’s higher quality. If you have chosen the right size with correct measurement, they will always fit because of the stretch. Otherwise having elastin in the fabric would help a lot too so check the material they mention on the page. Although with LYCRA® or Elastin, the fit will be more figure hugging, and designed to be more sensual or at times revealing (wrap dress, low cut, cut out, crop details); but they are absolutely flattering. Unless you are ready for fashion forward clothing, as most of the time you will be wearing clothes that has no stretch, tighter fit, do go for comfort first.