Beginners’ Guide to Online shopping for Plus size Clothing

Being a plus size blogger for years have really helped me with one thing – I already know which website do I head to when I need that particular piece of clothing or accessory. But I know not all of you have paid so much attention at this topic as I do, hence sometimes no clue where to look or even how to start building your “wardrobe”. On this blogger site I use, there are keyword analysis showing me what brought you to my blog and some of you are simply just looking for “where to buy plus size clothing”. I guess there are always new comers who are ready to expand their horizon when it comes to Plus size fashion so here it is!

I have put together a list where you can get all your essential pieces to help build your day / night wear collection. Remember you only live once so enjoy your life to the fullest, including looking fabulous!

1. One Stop Plus – US site shipping internationally

As convenient as the name addressed – One stop plus is one Mega website combining all the categories in plus size fashion for you; Plus size Clothing, shoes, under garments, even plus size home ware, items for your man and Skincare. Although it focuses on the plus size categories,  you will also be able to find some straight size items there (12W-44W), so you don’t have to worry not to be able to get yourself all the things you need, even if you are a size L top and an 2X bottom. Especially the ones who really put very little effort in shopping, I am sure this is the best place for you.

Recommendation: Petite plus, Tall plus, wide fit shoes, Junior section, wedding apparel and costume section which makes shopping for plus size so much easier.

2. Lane Bryant  – US site shipping internationally

One of the best known brands in the plus size world. On Lane Bryant’s website, it has 3 sub websites – Cacique for lingerie, Catherines for mature style and my fav part of the website –
Similar to One stop plus, it includes all the clothing categories, also accessories and consignments from other plus size brands. E.g. City Chic, Kiyonna, Monif C, Igigi to name a few.

Recommendation: Their undergarments use very durable material ( my first T-shirt bras purchased in 2000 are still around), very suitable for busty plus size women.

3. Marks and Spencer – UK site shipping internationally

I grew up in MnS clothing; I remembered wearing my country style wool vest going to my school trip at age 12 and get laughed at by the whole school. Back then plus size clothing was so limited that I can only shop at MnS and there was only granny style available. Well that was in the early 90s so things are very different now. Since this winter 2013, they have upgraded their quality and focus on the more mature consumers, hence their quality has yet again improved and their pieces are now very classic and elegant. If you are a younger plus size girl, fear not. Limited Edition and Autograph.
are my absolute go-to when I want some better quality high street fashion. These two lines follows tightly with all the up and coming style and accessories.

Recommendation: M&S carry only their own brands but quality wise it is very stable and guaranteed. All their clothing can easily last for a decade and do not look worn.

4. Asos – UK site shipping internationally for free

If you are used to shopping online, then you will know Asos is now the biggest and trendiest online fashion retail site that includes a Plus line called Asos Curves. Most of their designs are for younger people, but their inventory is so huge that you can actually find almost any style you need from there. Comparing Asos to the brands listed above, it’s quality will be significantly lower but their tailoring gives out the contemporary fashion style which I cannot live without.

Recommendation: Their “straight” size goes up to UK 18 and Asos curves from UK18 – 28 so if you are between 14-18, you have thousands of choices to choose from! Most importantly, delivery is free = more budget for clothes.

5. High Street Fashion online store

If you have traveled to the UK especially London, you will know what I am trying to say. It takes at least 48 hours of walking/shopping to be able to go through all the options just on Oxford street. From Department store to high street fashion to plus size brands, it seriously will take you days to complete and at the same time lose around 10 pounds doing so ( speak from my own experience!) So what do you do if you don’t live in London? Here is the brand directory for their online store. My gift to you my fellow shopaholics.

6. Independent designers

I have mentioned a few in my previous post, but keep checking this space for the updated directory in the coming weeks!

Now that you know the basic of online shopping, feel free to ask me any questions regarding fits of each brand so you will know better which fit is for your body shape. Which also is an important aspect and skill set when it comes to online shopping!


Plus size clothing for the bolder generation

When people mention plus size clothing, most of them would still get the impression of middle-age-woman-ish, old fashion clothes, which is very true for most of the well known brands. Why is plus size fashion being despised by the real fashion world? Obviously, it’s because of the lack of great design that would even make the straight size women want to get their hands on the clothes.Apart from forever 21 Plus and Asos Curves, I would say most of the brands offer only very simple or more mature items; be it Lane Bryant, Torrid, eShakti, Simple Be, KiyonnaEloquii etc. Especially when curves give out a more mature vibe than any lean woman would, the same style as what everyone else is making just won’t cut. I think it’s time for a revolution! Oh my science, btw colour block is sooo boring(rants of hundred words after deleted), stop making them everywhere already!

We plus size girls need more edgy designers to do plus size clothing, As the above are totally not enough for any curvy fashionistas!

One day, I would like to see in the plus size world, designs which can be compared to Gareth Pugh, Viktor & Rolf or even Mcqueen, one day… Ok that’s going to be too far of a dream but at least elegant like Rodarte, Lanvin or Erdem??? Something that makes our straight size fellow women scream “I wish I could wear that but they don’t carry my size! 🙁 ” like we said a million times.

While I can only dream for now, let’s take a look at some refreshing styles from various brands and designers below.

Amazing African American Designer Mah-Jing Wong has a collection of unique pieces range from size XS-XL




Fantastic website, like a topshop for plus size girls, offers street style clothing from 12-24,  1X-3X



swim-2014-LB1_1024x1024Bertha C - Curvasian
A brand famous for making stylish spandex/ elastic clothing, offers size from S to XL.


Xo Asnte is influenced heavily by the root of African designer, very funky style


XoasanteBertha C - Curvasian
Some more brands/websites that didn’t make it on the list but noteworthy.

Women’s Plus size clothing in Hong Kong

This is a lasting topic for larger women living in Asia, especially for my fellow expat friends who live in Hong Kong.We complain about how we difficult it is to find clothes in Hong Kong for plus size ladies, as almost all the shops in town have clothing available in 3 sizes only. Let alone the plus size, even an average US size 10 would find it challenging to buy clothes in Hong Kong; as the sizes are usually XXS, XS and S!

Here is the ultimate shopping guide for Plus size women and some tips of where we would find modern clothing and shoes in larger sizes in Hong Kong.

Cheap Finds

My favourite activity on a Sunday Afternoon – go to samples shops scattered around in Hong Kong for treasure hunt.

As an export hub of thousands of manufacturers from China, Hong Kong holds a lot of hidden gems in the city. If you would go to the Ladies market in Prince Edward, it is the place to be; there are over 50 shops on both sides of the road, and you can find many International brands from the smallest size 00 to size 24/3X(e.g. Forever 21 Plus, Lane Bryant, Coasts, Talbot, River Island).

IMG_8413Bertha C - Curvasian
At Fa Yuen Street, I found these shorts of Forever21 Plus at one of the shops for HK$59 (US7.5)

It only depends on your luck what you can find! I will have a separate post on this later.

High Street brands in Hong Kong

Marks and Spencers

When most people hear about MnS, they are already assuming that their clothes are “out of date” and mostly for conservative consumers. It is not true.

Trendy line Limited Edition goes up to Size 14, sometimes 16 and 18 if we are lucky. They use to carry all styles in 16 and 18, but this has changed in the summer 2014, I am guessing it’s because being fashionable as a plus size woman is not popular in Hong Kong as most of us are still conservative about the fashion choices.

I also recommend their luxury line – Autograph, it is very tasteful, sophisticated yet stylish. Targeting consumers with elegant taste. This line goes up to UK18.

Other lines others up to size 18 with odd pieces of 20 and 22, and their shoes run up to US9.5/EU42.

Zara, HnM, Mango, Forever 21
These brands would carry some UK size 14/EU44, in their Causeway Bay and Central shops for Zara.
Occasionally from HnM, but not designed for busty girls.
Forever 21 does not have plus size line in Hong Kong but sometimes you may be able to find one or two XL in their 5-storey flagship store.
The key is to look for the thicker stretchy material.
These shops have shoe sizes up to US9/EU41 but they usually run small.


High Street Fashion for In-betweenies

Topshop has opened in Hong Kong since June 2013 and it is the only high street fashion store that offers size 16 for the younger generation. Their shoes are fabulous, boutique line offers high quality pieces and shoes size up to UK8/EU42.

On a side note, Swedish Brand MONKI locates in Langham Place, Mongkok and Granville Road in TST has size L that fits a UK size 16/18 body. And most of their tees are very roomy, so they fit a UK 22 sometimes.

Mid Range Italian/German brands available in Sincere Department Store

I have discovered the clothing choices in this department store that usually carry mature clothing, which can turn into useful good quality basic items for most age.

Read the post here

High-end Fashion Brands for Mature Style
If you can pick money out from trees, you can always go to the beloved Lane Crawford, Swank and Joyce and ask for their personal shoppers for help. They do carry certain styles in Size XL/44 however the cut would be usually very fitted.

For other retails stores with plus size available in Hong Kong, they are mostly found at 1/F Sogo, Causeway Bay. Surprisingly these brands have clothes up to size XXL / IT52.

Anne Klein New York 
Escada Sport
Joan and David
Marina Rinaldi
Mariella Burani


Small Boutiques (by appointment only )

Love It – up to size UK16

Japanese Style


I will keep updating this post


Last update: 29/7/2014