Sport Luxe Activewear


Back in the late 80s, early 90s, activewear became the trend of the era, but then fashion changes and the once popular baggy silhouette were no longer “cool” so we moved on to newer things. However, since commercial fashion hasn’t come up with any new trends in the past decade, history have been just reinventing from the olds, and so fashion bounds to make its comebacks.

Fashion shoot from Vogue 2012

Fashionable Sportswear is one of the most prominent trends in recent years that has derived and evolved from the 80s/90s sport trend; remember Tommy jeans, polo shirts and leg warmers, they were not costumes but real clothing trends once! As we entered a new generation of fashion, certain styles evolved and became new categories. 

Sport Luxe has been slowly coming to shape and since built up its following due to the latest craze/crave of fitness/healthier lifestyle (so long sugar and junk food), it’s now a staple category and also one of the most profitable line for many brands.


I was first introduced to sportluxe by early player Stella McCartney when she launched her crossover with Adidas in 2004. Although Honor mention goes to Dirk Bikkembergs being one of the first to create sport couture.

Stella McCartney designs with innovative technology in mind, inventing with new material making her sportwears light, airy and strong at the same time. Not to mention the distinctive, futuristic and feminine design using extraordinary pastel colour combinations, it was love at first sight! I simply cannot think of anything better than this, because I am finally able to wear longlasting, functional high end fashion design that don’t really go out of style, it’s useful and you get to wear them often. 

It was also the first time I saw woven fabric sneakers from any brands, as someone who is a U.S. size 14 and has wide feet, I have found my “double happiness”! 

Since the fashion industry sees the success of Stella McCartney x Adidas, many sport brands created crossover collection with top designers for sportwears – McQueen x Puma 2006, Nike x rick Owen, Nike x Sacai, etc. 

Then, in the past few years, many luxury sportwear brands spring up. I cannot get enough of these brands and I follow many on instagram. This category is mixing sexy, cool and atheletic together for the 20th century humans.


What excites me more is that nowadays there are indie brands out there making it available for bigger girls, too. Below are the brands caters to the stylish sporty girls.

Adidas launched stellasport in 2015, a more affordable version of Stella x Adidas and it carry some styles in XL.


Ashley Graham wearing Luca Hugh’s size XL leggings

Just Curves

This jumpsuit comes in size 10-28!


Be honest, fashionable sportswear is a really hugh motivation for me, I have always complaint about old fashion gym clothes, they are not flattering at all! Now as I know if I invest into these sportswear, I can also wear them out as casual wear and looking stylish all the time, I wouldn’t mind joining the other fitness pals and make it a lifestyle for me. It’s chic, comfortable, good for both my health and my looks! No reason to say no. 

What do you think about these product? Will you want to join me too?

My Fluffy Fuzzy Faux Fur Wish List AW14

This time I am going to show you some of my favorite fluffy items, massive trend for AW14.WHO NEEDS REAL FUR WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD THESE?

I have found these items from various fashion brands and bloggers’ account before and during New York, London and Milan Fashion week. Although they are all non plus size, but I am sure you can be inspired by fashion at any size.

Btw, Wish list = Things I cannot afford.

1. Shrimps by Hannah Weiland

Instagram: @shrimps_

This coat is so cute and nice and practical for winter! I cannot afford such price point (USD$600+), and so I will start doing some research and make my own to be ready for this winter!



2. Ainea

From their brand profile, “Ainea is the newly launched clothing brand from Italian textile company
Lanificio Becagli. Under founder Piero Becagli’s stewardship, the
company has been creatively developing innovative materials and
techniques for fashion and sport for over 50 years.”
LOVE this RED and WHITE COAT! Again another coat on top of my list to be made for this winter.
Splurged at Avenue 32


3. Aujourlejour

Ig: @aujourlejour_official

These coats just wouldn’t stop! Many designers are dishing out all these faux fur coat my dear, maybe I was being brain washed but then again, for all these years, I have avoid wearing anything fluffy worried that it will make me look fat. Well the truth is, if you are fat, you are fat. No matter what you wear, people won’t think you are not fat. So why bother worrying about looking fat and missing out all the fun?

4.Bruno Magli


Self explanatory



Ig: @msgm_official

MSGM is a new favorite for many.Their design is very contemporary and romantic. The fluffy bits come from the mitten and heels.

6. Kenzo

Neon Yellow x faux fur will be the best tone x texture this year in my opinion

7. Isolated Heroes


Finally something ppl can afford – Funky stuff

Additional item – A “biscuit like” coat (unknown)
Last but not least – Gareth Pugh fluffy toilet roll! No this is not on my wish list, this is on the weird list.



Frugal fashion

You think you know fashion
Well, fashion’s a stranger
You think fashion’s your friend
My friend, fashion is danger

Although I am a “fashion blogger”, I am one of those who does not have much of a fashion budget per month… Not sure if you have even heard of that but my
budget is so small, that I have to plan properly how many items I can get
out of it, 2 weeks before pay day kind (as you know, shopping online is like you are fighting for one item with thousands of people). Because if one can’t afford something, one shouldn’t even have an idea of getting it. Just like I shouldn’t get into fashion blogging unless I have the money to be trendy, or I don’t blog about trends and just wear my old clothes all the time. Do you think it works? I personally think it doesn’t. People like new things, they like trends, and all the sucessful bloggers are all about trends and showing new pieces from the latest fashion show, correct me if I am wrong Susie bubble, Man Repeller, all of the girls on lookbook!

A close friend of mine lately told me she thinks my blog is not going to work. Oh well. As long as I am doing what I love, at the same time not hurting my wallet I guess I will be fine. Somehow this place is more like a place for me to use my creativity now that I realised. I am never a writer nor a trendy person after all!

So what I do is, I have to go through
lots of sites per day. Trying to find that perfect items with the lowest
cost just so I can try on as many on-trend items as I could to create different looks. And I will never dream about getting that 2.55 or those red bottom heels (it’s not like I can fit in them anyway).

I would usually go to Asos, Asos Marketplace, Most of the UK high street site when they are on sale, sometimes ebay, look for the items that are made for this year trend but not popular yet so I can wear them for 2 years, or really vintage items on ebay trying to think if it would work for next season’s fashion. My prediction for next trend is Palazzo pants and wide leg trousers so now I have been looking EVERYWHERE to get my hands on a pair. I saw them at the APC Fall RTW collection this year oh my! So gorgeous!

Reading from many finance advisers, it is recommended that you use only 1/3 of your salary as rent/housing allowance. Therefore we should never spend more than our housing allowance on clothing items if you think about it, that part of income should even become the saving instead of buying and buying lots of clothes that we throw away after 1 season.

Although saying that, my next investment and I believe should be quite an
important one, would be getting a nicer camera. At the same time, I will
develop my photo taking skills to hopefully become the Tommy ton for
plus size fashion!

Rick Owen RTW SS2014 : Review from a plus size busty woman

Again big noise that roam the “cool kids” fashion world and the plus size world all in one go.
Edgy fashion designers using plus size women as models on runway. Yay! To the marketing team of Rick Owen’s.Not so much for the plus size women actually.

Out of the whole collection of 40 looks, I can pick around 5 that we might look good in if we style them down with some soft fabrics. Yes, they mentioned that one of the purposes for having a step group and their performance is to show how flexible women could be, in these clothing even though they are all made of leather and hard material, and I do have to admit that we are missing some pieces like this in the plus size fashion world that really could make things more modern and fashionable, but I absolutely agree with one of the readers on who said, “As relieved as I am to see real women on the catwalk, particularly women of color I think the designs were unflattering to a curvy woman. Clothes riding up, cut in the wrong places. You can’t design for a woman with curves the way you can for a size 2. Their breasts were flattened like pancakes. Which, if you talk to any woman above a C cup and over a size 12 is a common woe.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. This collection was not genius. If anything, it showed off Owens’ weakness as a designer. Which is, he only designs for one type of figure. This wasn’t empowering, it was insulting. “

You know what really would benefits both worlds?
If there were, finally, one of these talented designers, for example, Stella McCartney or Erdem (who made the gorgeous dress for Lena Dunham to wear at the MET GALA) coming out with a collection exclusively and custom build for plus size women. Design that would make slim girls jealous, like how every time I drool watching a NYFW fashion show. Most importantly, design approved by Anna. How about Oprah sponsoring it, huh Oprah? would you do it for your fellow African American women? Would you? Until that day, I won’t be so proud and fond of these High end fashion shows that use plus size models.

By the way this is the most hideous outfit I can imagine myself or any plus size women, or even just non slim person putting on…. you would make me look like a fat nun.


If you want to check out the dance, you can go straight to


Obsessed with Round bags / Circle bags

I saw a carven bag earlier and I was in awe, it’s so retro and beautiful and I am instantly obsessed. This is an item I wouldn’t mind invest in as it’s not easy to find a timeless round chain bag that I can pair with most of my outfits. Ideal would be a beige one with chain like in this photo but with better quality. If you know of any, do let me know! x

Here below are a bunch of them I have “cyberhoarded” (Yep I made that up).


Kate Spade
Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony