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  • Let POC take up more spaces in the bopo world and we will show you our world 
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Better late to learn than never...
I love inspirational posts, but I've found myself wondering why so many of these posts lacked people of color as the main subject. Couldn't find any at an easy glance, so then I decided to make my own. Hope these can ripple out inspiration to other minority voices πŸ’™
  • Here is plus size model  @p.s.kaguya 's #setmycurvesfree story -
"I was in photography to start with, but later on, I have grown out of making production for straight size models, so I started modelling myself, about six months ago.

Growing up in a traditional Korean family has put an immense damper on my confidence and self-esteem, and I guess I really started modelling after leaving a toxic 2 year relationship (where I was constantly body shamed and criticized). -
I had decided to put myself in front of the lens to rediscover myself. 
Eventually I have found my niche, and I feel comfortable and beautiful for the first time in my life" -
@curvesinasia Some of us grow up having extreme society standards pressured on us, which askewed our personal growth to finding out who we are;  but when we find a voice in something we love, we become brave and make a step forward, that's when we grow, glow and shine.
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  • #Curvesinasia  X Australia

Monica is a fun loving jewellery / accessories designer. We noticed her creative products on IG first before we got to know her!

Monica explains how having a different body type affected her perspectives in life when she was young,
"I have always been the fat Asian who wasn't "normal". I am larger than all my friends and into alternative culture.

It took me 28 years to stop hating the way I look in the mirror in a midriff top; I am finally able to break out of my shy personality, and shine in all my rainbow colours! 
Everyday I am feeling stronger!

I started @lemunkytoto as a way for me to express myself. Every piece is handmade and dear to my heart. I get to share my love of food and all things weird and quirky with people and it has been an amazing journey so far, meeting people who are like me and helping others to learn to love themselves! .
#Curvasian and #CurvesinAsia has touched my heart with their stories which are so similar to mine."

Thank you for your kind words, it touches our hearts too that you are now doing what you love and be fearless about how you want to express yourself.

It is such a liberating feeling and great accomplishment you have for yourself. We wish you all the happiness in the worldπŸ’•

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  • Photo taken of these unknown beauties at the Full moon party last weekend! Sorry ladies we didn't have enough time to talk as you were all leaving! But it was wonderful to see all curves enjoying the beach party and dance away with the music πŸ’• #curvesinasia @curvesinasia
  • @curvesinasia is at #huahin , Thailand atm and we have spotted these two gorgeous, happy and confident young women on the beach!  @chyendys Sydney and 
@myntsmint Mint 
It was nice to meet you two!
  • We are ready for this summer! Great motto @priscillalimxixi 
Not exactly a flattering photo, in fact.. A fattening one but, BIG MILESTONE OKAY! I wore a bikini for the 1st ever ffff time πŸ˜‚ Alot of courage hor, from buying to wearing one. β€’
BUT I DID IT. Dont be afraid to show your flaws, remember, that's what makes u normal because no one is perfect πŸ˜‰
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  • We feel that, to wear your favorite style of clothing is like, to armour up for the daily grind in confidence. 
You may feel a little shy on the inside, but girl, you are totally ready to take up what the world has to offer! 
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Outside vs Inside: a constant dilemma. On the outside is a cool girl working her ass of to take on the world. On the inside is a girl intimidated by the world.
  • We love this look on you @thebuxombabe 
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Keep the inspiration  coming! πŸ”₯
  • Being plus size is defined differently from different cultures. Hear our side of the story  #curvesinasia #setmycurvesfree 
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It's interesting to see how everyone define 'plus-size'. In my case, some people may say that i'm not that 'plus-size', but the others keep saying otherwise. Well, i guess the point is, no matter what size you are, be comfortable with your own body (and with your outfit), because based on my experience, when you feel comfortable in your own skin, you'll be more confident, happier, and healthier. 
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