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Plus size Outfit of the day

I am a recreational blogger. I only blog when I feel like it, certainly not a business woman in that aspect. But don’t you think styling is like an art and that artists don’t paint all the time or create everyday?...

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Valentine’s day

I posted this on my instagram last night and received many kind messages from my girls. :)Here, let me repost, “To my dear girlfriends, Being single doesn’t mean it’s a failure. You get to focus on what you...

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Apparel project plus

I want to spread the word in Hong Kong, and eventually other countries in Asia, that no matter what size you are, you deserve to wear whatever you want. No one can tell you what to wear at leisure. This is the 21st century, why...

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Fat and Fabulous

I have mentioned #honormycurves movement in my previous Instagram post that, because of this movement and the founder Honorine’s influence, many have come out of their shells and start celebrating who they are. It is truly...

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Curves in Asia IG

  • (3/3) You don’t need to know where I am from or what I stand for. 
Most importantly,  I am right here with you. 
Enjoy your time with me.
  • (2/3)We have youth. 
We have bravery, and time. 
We have nothing and everything combined.
  • (1/3) No studio lighting or backdrops, no fancy clothes. Not privileged or whatsoever, ay, we don’t need any of those.

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