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12 JAN 14
Outer: Zara Quilted Bomber Jacket
Top: Blank Brand Sweater
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: World Wide Love “Boyfriend from Hell” Chain Bag
8 JAN 14
Top: Mango Knit
Necklace: Topshop
Shorts: Zara Pleather/Vegan Leather whatever you call it PU Shorts
Shoes: Boots no brand
4 JAN 14
Went to Lantau for a bike ride
Top: Topshop Tee
Shorts: Forever 21 Plus Denim Shorts – My favorite item in my wardrobe
Shoes: Nike Trainers
Accessories: Dirk Bikkembergs Sun Visor
4 JAN 14
It was quite warm that day
Playsuit & Shoes: Topshop

30 DEC 13


Top: Monki Metallic Knit
Pants: M&S Corduroy Stirrups
Accessories: Juicy Charm
Shoes: Dr.Marten Vintage – I have these shoes for over 15yrs!


2 JAN 14
Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Forever 21 Oxford
19 DEC 13
Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Topshop

Plus size styling – My Outfit of the day DEC13

I actually look half the size in photos than I am in real life, I have no idea how.
Maybe I am very round like a sausage, so if it’s a 2D photo, you can only see 50% of what the volume actually is 😛 Or you can say it’s my superb styling mad skill which create illusion tricking you into thinking that (whoever wants to look skinny in photo, contact me now!) 😀

15 Dec 2013

Accessories – The Row Bow headband
Bag – Philip Lim “inspired” 😉
Top – Forever 21
Bottom – Cotton on Peplum skirt
Shoes – Over the knee boots no brand

11 Dec 2013

Top – Limited Edition by Marks and Spencer
Bottom – Topshop Skirt
Shoes – Topshop
Accessories – Colourful Satchel from Asos market place

5 Dec 2013

Top and bottom – Limited Edition Dress from Marks and Spencer
Shoes – EQ:IQ
Bracelet – Cotton on

30 Nov 2013

Outerwear – Jane Norman Pleather Jacket
Top –  Limited Edition by Marks and Spencer
Bottom – River Island Skirt
Shoes – Forever 21
Bag – Chain Tote

Plus Size Styling – My outfit of that day DEC13

I don’t always upload my ootd post here right away. The best way to see them would be to join me at my Instagram where i post almost daily, of “stuff”.

Here is a recap of some of previous ootd post


Top – Autograph Denim Shirt
Bottom – Zara Pleather shorts
Shoes – Forever 21 cut out oxford
Accessories – Topshop Silver colour Necklace , My breakfast/brunch at Bricklane TST


Top – DIY Crop Black Tee from Ladies market
Bottom – HM High Waist Skirt
Shoes – Mossimo booty heels
Accessories – Row Navy Blue Velvet Headband


Top+Bottom – Topshop Jumpsuit
Shoes – Pedder Red
Accessories – Desigual Graffiti Tote


I go to Matilda hospital almost every October to attend their Sedan Chair Race for Charity. It has become our family tradition as I have been going to this since I was 14,15 years old. It combines hiking, going up to the peak and a big meal in one morning.

Top – Limited Edition Black Tee
Bottom – No brand Silky Cargo pants
Shoes – MnS Sandals
Accessories – Tom Ford “Inspired” Sunglasses and Gap Tote


I love my roof top, it has been providing a private place for my ootd shoots done by my bf / my plastic chair stand

Top/Bottom – Topshop Playsuit
Shoes – MnS
Accessories – Juicy Couture charm


 I love white and I love wearing shirts but I don’t usually wear any of them as I

Top / Bottom – Autograph White Dress
Shoes – Autograph Wedges
Accessories – Vintage purse with chain bought in Palermo, Italy


2013 outfit
Top – Limited Edition Black Tee
Bottom – River Island Skirt – tartan x houndstooth
Shoes – EQ:IQ
Accessories – No brand Necklace
Totes – No Brand


2012 outfit

Top – I “woman” nude Sweater 
River island skirt
Dr.Marten Boots

Plus size Outfit of the day

I am a lazy blogger. I only blog when I feel like it, certainly not a business woman in that aspect. But don’t you think styling is like an art and that artists don’t paint all the time or create everyday? They only do it when they have that rush of feeling. Well I have the feeling of an artist then, and this is one of those morning for me.

When I first go on instagram about a year ago, I set a goal for myself that I have to collect a decent amount of followers in a year, but in the past year I have actually just been enjoying being an instagramer instead of a plus size blogger. I enjoy the interaction between me and the plus size community. These girls I talk to have became my virtual friends, as I see what they do, what they eat, what they have achieved in the past year and I would like to meet a lot of them in real life and be real friends one day (btw I need instagram to have a feature that i can choose my top 10 friends so i can constantly be fed by their feeds).

I just woke up, looking rather grumpy!
Shirt from Monki and it’s a XS don’t know why. Belt: forgot. Skirt from Cotton on and shoes from Mossimo. 

Plus size Fashion Outfit of the Day – My SS13 Summer wardrobe

Just some photos of my #ootd in the past months since I started
Instagram. They are all selfies and not professionally taken. I guess I
am not devoted to this since I don’t even own a camera *shrug*
Last weekend Night out, I bought this Aztec print dress from Topshop when it’s opened. I was really excited that now there is a place where I can just go in and try on any clothes since they have carry size 16. 🙂 

Downloaded an app on my iphone called Harris app / camera filter, it allows you to layer 3 photos together and create “artsy fartsy” photos like above. Below is the whole outfit. This Crop Tee with towel embroidery is from River Island. I simply pair it with my short denim shorts.

Playsuit / Rompers / Shorterall 
I love playsuits, as a plus size person in the summer bearing this heat, it’s very common to be suffering from chaffing of the inner thighs. Hence they are my saviour. I have purchased a few of them from River Island as well seeing they are at very reasonable price (£25)

My again favorite piece of clothing, as long as I own enough pieces to change daily, I have basically minimised my ready time to 15mins getting out of the house for work. Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, slip on a dress with my eyes closed, put on shoes, done.
Picking up groceries for my junk party before going to a wedding. HAHA.
Dress from Cotton on , bag from Charles and Keith. I have almost always been wearing the same pair of shoes, they are the most comfortable wedges that I have ever worn, from Marks and Spencer.
I could if I would just buy all of clothes from one online shop so that I don’t have to waste time shopping all the time. Again, this pinafore dress is from River Island, with Tee top from Ann Taylor which I found from The Ladies Market.