Contemporary and High Fashion for Plus size girls

I have a dream, one day I will be able to wear Plus size contemporary / High Fashion clothing from many talented designers like how straight size girls do.I see high fashion as art and I have always wanted to unite with my
favorite art form (for dreaming). If you are into fashion designs, you should feel the
butterflies in your stomach whenever you see the latest fashion show from spectacular designers.I always ask why? Why can’t innovative fashion labels make clothes for bigger girls? I know it’s not easy for such business to get funded for one, since we still haven’t shown them enough buying power at the moment but it’s getting there,and I know many of us are still not comfortable enough to put it out there, but WE WILL get there.

I want all kind of designs in plus size fashion so bad, that I wish for it to happen almost everyday and that’s one of my goal in life. We will then have a very very different world and the creativity these designers would bring into plus size clothing will be so great, as all the tailoring will be so different than making smaller clothes. There might even be this specific subject to be studied in fashion design school, too. We will be able to see some NEW art form then.


I want to see things like these on plus size women


Viktor & Rolf


There are of course certain contemporary “plus size” clothes in the market at the moment, like Carmakoma and Jibri, but most labels will only choose “safe” designs to blow up to certain sizes, and it will take some years before we get plus size brands to design clothes similar to above.

So for now, let me take you through the list of high fashion design label which carry clothes up to certain plus sizes, which most of us in-betweenies can be benefited.


My favorite brand. Moschino integrates with pop art, every season there are fun loving items that makes people smile! They carry UK size 14 for most styles, and up to size UK20(US16-18) sometimes. Affordable items available with their Love Moschino Line.




The most romantic Italian brand in history with their signature red which I wish to be donning on plus size women. Most styles up to UK16(US14).


One of the very few high fashion brands that carries size UK18 (US16), Bohemian style.


McQ Alexander Mcqueen

Street Style, Mcq do random XXL (UK16/US14) so you need to keep checking it out if you love this brand

Jean-Paul Gaultier

JPG is well known for using plus size models on his runway. Funny how these clothes are not really on sale in real life! 😉 Well You will find stretchy XXL (US14) dresses from his collections.

Roksanda Ilincic


I always leave the best to the last so you know next time.
Roksanda Ilincic is by far the best brand I have seen when it comes to their style and tailoring available on offer at size UK 16(US12). Not all online store carry this size and so far I have only seen it from if you pre-order thier AW14 collection. Let me now dream.
Can you imagine the world with plus size clothes like this?

You can shop these items online at

Pastel Colours

My favorite colour is pastel colour(s) and I actually cannot choose which colour in the family. I like them all.

Pale Yellow, Mint Green, Baby Blue, Dirty Pink, Baby Mauve and Nude, I have to put them all together!  I cannot just have one of them as I will get bored very easily, also there is magic happens when they are united.

Topshop had a collaboration with Meadham kirchhoff last November, most of the pieces were so gorgeous! I am gutted I didn’t get this bag.

Sometimes I will ask myself, I am already approaching my mid 30s, should I still wear such childish colour/things? Well I don’t care, life is about doing what you love, right? Take a look at Betsy Johnson/Patricia Field/Vivienne Westwood! They are fabulous!

I will have the chance to get even more pastel colours this year as many designers created pieces using the colour tone. Here let me showcase you the Mood board for the year aka “wish list” ( which means things that do not carry my size and I cannot afford :D).

Cédric Charlier 
Yvonne Kwok

3.1 Philippe Lim
T by Alexander Wang
 Stella McCartney
Shrimps Coat by Hannah Weiland
And here below are the 2 outfits I have styled putting pastels stuff I have together 🙂
Ahhh the irony, sometimes things are so different in reality isn’t it? I guess that’s the power of high fashion. They really look like a million bucks, literally.

Last but not least, I have to introduce the plus size pastel queen Georgina from Cupcakes clothes.

I dream of having pink hair like her! Absolutely amazing.
She also has her own shop selling accessories like headbands. Must get if you like pastel cute stuff.


African Contemporary Plus size Fashion

Some of you were looking for this topic lately, and I thought I would let you know what I know. Isn’t it weird that You hear this from a Chinese person who lives in Hong Kong? Oh well 🙂

In fact, I have been fascinated by the design of the African prints in the past few months and I have been contemplating to get some outfits! This is a topic (as an East Asian woman) which I do not usually touch as it’s hard to relate and I have no knowledge of their history. But hey lets be adventurous and open minded about it alright? 

All Things Ankara is a blog that celebrates African Fashion with taste. Here below are some images from their photo collection. The fabric with prints are actually not hard to find, it’s the tailoring that matters. You can probably get some fabric and tailor make it by your nearest tailor shop.

Too lazy to DIY? Check these out

1. Chen B Collection ( S- XXL)

2.Amarachi Ukachu whom is a fashion blogger / Designer. If you are lucky, you can get some of her 2nd clothes from the shop.

3. Dia couture Accessories

3. Anna devine up to size 22

4. KwanzaInspiration  S-XL

Want more? Google Ankara Fashion Plus size 🙂


Plus size Fashion – Violeta by Mango

The launch of new Plus size line Violeta by Mango was announced since Jan this year, and the feedback is not huge. You would think coming from one of the biggest high street fashion giants, the brand will generate a lot of noise, apparently not so.

To me, the 400 piece collection look a bit dull, perhaps we have raised our expectation of plus size fashion already, or perhaps the line just have nothing new to offer apart from a bunch of kind of baggy clothes.

I saw some catwalk photos last week and thought I would share a few of them with you.

So what do you think? Would you want to buy some pieces from their website already? Definitely not me because I was not excited by it.

It gets worse when it’s shown on their webshop. Violeta offers size 12-18 (EU40-52), with this range, I can easily get clothes from all of my favorite high street brands in the UK like River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Miss selfridge, New Look, etc.

Not to mention, Violeta is only available in Spain and the UK, so what is their strategy? Moreoever, I think their social media content manager is also locate in Spain. Perhaps they want to first grow the Spain market?

One last question, where is this dress they first showed to us? I feel cheated.

Update – again they haven’t stop the disappointment this year!

Wtf are these?


Boohoo Plus – Another high street plus size fashion brand

Boohoo Plus has “soft” launched this week, with currently 36 items available in UK Size 16-24 (US14-22).

Not sure if they will come up with some better designs later on when it’s fully launched, but judging by what’s on offer right now, it seems to be yet another line made by companies who just want to jump on the plus size money making bandwagon like A&F ( that’s obviously my opinion).

Here is my pick out of the 36 items. If you are looking for a trendy item with a small budget, this is good enough. Price wise, very affordable, this skirt is only 15 pounds (USD25 appx)

However, Why am I saying it’s just yet another company trying to make some bucks out of the plus size women? Well below are 2 examples.

To Boohoo plus please have some styling for the plus size clothings?
You can totally see the difference between the image above with the same model in the Tartan skirt and these two outfits. This model has transformed from a sexy kitten to a middle age woman who is apparently wearing whatever she can find in a store that is in her size. If I were to look for such item, there are plenty of sites / malls where I can easily grab hold of one of these. So why bother to try a new brand? Sounds a bit harsh you say? All I am trying to say is, if you want to make a name in the plus size fashion world, it’s time to make a difference. In fact, it is the best time to launch a trendy line so all of us would rush over to your site and give you our money like what they are doing with Asos curves.

Fingers cross Boohoo is saving the best pieces for official launch!


P.S couple of weeks after I wrote this, I saw an ad from UK brand Pink Clover, having the identical dresses as on boohoo plus. So who outsource to whom now? I believe the answer is obvious.
My opinion (again) Please have some character of your own!

Styling here is obviously much better 😉