UK Brand Phase Eight in Hong Kong (size 6-16)

Curvy girls I have some good news for you! English brand Phase Eight has opened 3 stores in Hong Kong by Rue Madame Fashion Group (actually since last year!) and they carry feminine and elegant pieces from UK size 6-16. The selection in the store offers mostly work wear, shift dresses and some evening gowns, These are the things I see lack of in the marking in Hong Kong so they come in quite handy if we need to get some party wear etc. Some of the styles are bigger than others and they can probably fit up to size UK20 (US16) so go try them out for the ultimate experience! I was not aware at first about the sizes they have so I visited one to make sure. The friendly staff told me when new arrivals come in, every size would have size 16 available, which is very good and not discriminating, so kudos to Rue Madame!                     As I am writing this post, I feel really excited to confirm to you that there is another brands here carrying up to size 16 apart from MnS, I basically feel lucky

Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Mall – Dry-aged Beef Burgers and size 42 Shoes @ Oriental Traffic!

Hey girls, it’s the weekend! Many of us has been working hard all week and it’s time to relax and forget about work for a bit(if you are in the line of work when you get the weekends off)!  Tonight, I went to an area in Hong Kong called Tsim Sha Tsui, to the opening of currently the best burger place – The Butchers club. Why? Because they are the only place where their patties are made with dry-aged beef (enough said). It is located at a shopping mall called K11; and since its their opening, they are serving free mini burgers and Peroni beer for a few hours to celebrate! 🙂 To top it up, one of the few good bands in Hong Kong, also a couple of guys I know personally, are playing a gig as well. The band is called The Anello; Jeff on vocal and korg machine, Michal on trumpet and keyboard , together they play some very uplifting tunes, so it’s a pretty good partay if you ask me! And while I was visiting the mall, to my surprise, I saw a new shop there offering shoes from size 34-42. “Oriental Traffic” is a Japanese

Curves Hong Kong – for size 12+ Women

I have founded a group for the Curves in Hong Kong, a women support group, focusing on women’s well being and of course, additional information on women’s clothing larger than a size US12/ UK14.Hopefully it can help with the curves around Hong Kong to find everything they need, and I will organise shopping experiences, gatherings in the future for us to have fun! Please visit and join us at Curves HK xB

New Discover on Plus size Clothing in Hong Kong

I was doing my usual Sunday window shopping with my mom in Causeway Bay the other day, and discovered a couple of new stores on Percival Street / Leighton Street (look for Lee Theatre Plaza on the Map, it is next to Times Square). If you are walking along the tramway towards Happy Valley, you will find a few eateries and shops on the left, Uniqlo shop entrance and a bunch of luxury brands on the right.Sincere Department Store It’s amazing how my mom spotted the new location of the Sincere store right away and I couldn’t even tell that it’s a store front with just the escalator going up to the 2nd floor. Perhaps the scaffolds around have distracted me. Going up to the 2nd floor of the department store, my first impression is that the shop is fairly small with narrow corridors, then I realised it’s just how they have sectioned their place. Almost instantly you are in front of the area where they carry all the women’s casual wear. I checked a few items and was a bit excited already as I saw a pair of EU44/US12-14 jeans on the counter. I immediately search through the whole

Topshop Hong Kong Dress Size update : They do carry size 16.

So, I saw that Sir Phillip Green* was at Topshop Hong Kong Opening yesterday, it means the uk headquarter is somewhat participating in (the decision making of) the HK branch, which also means there must be full range in Hong Kong. As I mentioned in my previous post, most international brands in Hong Kong do not import size above 14, e.g.French Connection. Especially if they are licensed under the local fashion group I.T. I am glad that it is not the case for Topshop, and I certainly am hoping for the day when Dorothy Perkins comes into the China market. I have already visited the shop myself and I am glad to know that they do carry size 16, although only 1 pc or 2 per style. It’s pretty enough for now until the word is spread! I have also spoken to their staff and realised that they have discontinued size 18 from a long time ago. Perhaps the last time I saw it was 2-4 yrs ago in London! Here is a photo of me trying out some of their fashion piece in the shop. I’d say they run quite true to the UK size. I am wearing a