I am addicted to instagram. For I am an obsessed iger (instagram-er) and a supporter of Honocurves and her #honormycurves movement. Honorine opens up a world for plus size girls to be themselves and gain confidence that we should all have, by getting support from each other. It’s a community of peace, self love and loving one another.

To quote from one of her posts
girls can feel sexy, should feel sexy, will feel sexy. I’ll never be a
shorter statured dainty woman; I’ll never weight 140 pounds. I don’t
have to. Some people think to be an attractive “ideal” woman you should
be 5’5″ and 130lbs. While many of my friends are exactly this and they
are sooooo beautiful, I am beautiful in my own way. We are beautiful in
our own categories. Comparing yourself to something you will never be
(shorter, taller, skin tone, features, etc) does nothing but add pain to
your life…. Today I #HonorMyCurves
for what they are. Instead of wishing for things that I can’t change,
which is utterly useless and damage to self-loved, I embrace the bits I
love best about me. And then I feel amazing too.”

This is truly a place where I can easily reach “my people”; the plus size community physically far far away from me. I check in daily just to read the body-positive post Honorcurves writes that encourage all of us. The other amazing individuals I follow and the ones who follow me. My mood is constantly at a high or just having a feel good vibe all day cause of all the positive things that I read.

I’d also dive in any minute just to look at the latest plus size fashion, to name a few designers and brands which don’t discriminate a XL+;

Mah Jing Wong – Gorgeous elastic one piece dresses of colour block and cut out designs, fits up to a UK18

Mah-Jing Wong mentioned on Fashionbombdaily.com

LondonLove –  I love her suspender tops and these pinup suspender shorts! Size S-XL available and she can also custom make x

Rue 107  Cute and futuristic one piece dresses, tops, leggings, disco pants – full range available up to US16/18

Plus size Model Essie G. modelling for Rue107

 Ric Lamar

Their Fun, flirty style from SS13 resemble designs of Betsey Johnson and Patricia Field.

I love seeing many of these independent designers and shop owners making a difference for the plus size world.

all these resources on ig, this is how I can step up a notch on my
looks and express myself through bold fashion, these are the things I
have long for, for so many years.

Here is also a new post about WHO YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM – Plus size advocates , IGers and Plus size Models.