My recent visit to Manila has given me the opportunity to meet up with the beloved twins of The Plump Pinay, and I have finally had a taste of the #twinsanity first hand! Again, it’s proven that there is no boundaries when it comes to friendships, as long as one holds an open heart to try and do something new, including meeting new people you have only ever met on instagram!

I love meeting new friends from different countries, our conversation
gives me life as we all exchange our ideas and thoughts, and I am so glad that our
meetup turned out to be such a fun night and a memorable last moments
of the city!

Playing cards against humanity!

Once I know I am visiting Manila, I have reached out to the gorgeous
twins as I can feel really good vibes about them, ever since we became friends online. These two are not just
dolls but pretty from inside and out, in their blog, they cover many
different subjects; food and fashion not to mention (thats what we all
love), they also address different society issues, e.g. human rights,
health, gender equality and also subjects that help build up women. Speaking of which, I was also being interviewed by them some time ago which I have given a thorough history of my own plus size journey and I feel so honored!

have always emphasised that, all women should support each other, make them stronger and build up one another, Danah and Stacy are indeed some very good examples; so it was no doubt that I want to
pay them a visit when I am in the Philippines! 😉


They wrote a blog post which documented my visit and you can check it out here, I am so happy that they captured many fun moments in photos and the details of what we did all night!! I feel so lucky to have these 2 local guides to show me all the fun places and had a great meal in the end of the night.

Visit to get to know the two!