Special thanks to up-and-coming plus size model @tinderoni đź’• We are very honoured to have you as our 1st model of #curvesinasia house project.

Tinder grows up as the 1st generation Indian American in her family’s household.
She inherits two diverse cultures – traditional Indian family values and the liberal post-feminism American womanhood, at the same time owning up her very own identity as her true-self evolves. It is definitely not easy to pilot two completely opposite cultures at the same time, but time will tell what feels intuitive for this gorgeous and hardworking female model.

Tinder is visiting for work from LA, lucikly time allows us to have a full day off with her, so we shot quite a combination of outfits this time. On the day of shooting, it was before a typhoon that goes through Kong Kong so it’s extremely hot and humid.
It is always a big challenge for us who sweat a lot! 36C with 96% humidity, the extreme stuffiness really suffocated us.

Wearing the iconic offshoulder @eloquii trench coat dress, @tinderoni exudes confidence and elegance

We thank Tinderoni for her professional endeavour, because without her expertise as a model and her patience, this shoot won’t be successfully done. We managed to get plenty of shots within 6 hours and we are forever grateful for it.

This is our first editorial completely produced in-house, thank you to our collaborators below,

Photography: Andreina @drelirium
Styling: Rosie @sci_fi_c0c0 and yours truly @berthachandotcom
Production: @berthachandotcom

Please follow @tinderoni to cheer her on of her adventures to becoming her full self – a plus size model in the industry whom is slowly making a name for herself. Your likes do mean something for real. It touches the heart of the people you support dearly so please support Asian women in the plus size industry and make curves more diverse than ever.

#Curvesinasia is now seeking #collaborators to build a #diverse #Fashionphotography #portfolio and to push the idea of #plussizehighfashion especially for Asia and in Asia.

See you next time! xo