Rabia is a 100% Hongkonger, a true local.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, she not only speaks + writes fluently in both Cantonese and English, but she is also able to communicate in different types of “languages” with anyone. You could have a political debate with her, talk about normalising sex work, discuss Hong Kong history or cuss in flying colours with the uncles at the park! Not too many of us are this diverse with our cultural knowledge so, if you are lucky to know her in person, I guarantee you will be able to broaden your mindset after talking to her.

Rabia is of Pakistani and Filipino descent, and the mix created an indescribable beauty in her. She got upset when we mentioned the word “Unique” as she stated that EVERYONE is FUCKING UNIQUE, so it is actually just bullshit. We agreed, you see, we just opened our mind a bit more again.

We also want to describe her as exotic, but not because we compare her to the typical Asians you see, but her look is not to be defined or stereotyped by any archetypes. You cannot put her into any boxes where it “fits”.

Rabia’s beauty is not only limited to her appearance but also her authenticity as a person of multiple cultures and her strong sense of self. Her upbringing taught her many different perspectives in life from a young age and her strong sense of self comes from the fact that she will not compromise for things that are slightly conventional because it is just so boring and robotic.

We look forward to seeing her more in the future when she’s more available for the public. In the meantime, one must know that knowing her in person and being able to have a connection with her is a privilege.

Rabia Modelling for Budj.com