I have a dream, one day I will be able to wear Plus size contemporary / High Fashion clothing from many talented designers like how straight size girls do.I see high fashion as art and I have always wanted to unite with my
favorite art form (for dreaming). If you are into fashion designs, you should feel the
butterflies in your stomach whenever you see the latest fashion show from spectacular designers.I always ask why? Why can’t innovative fashion labels make clothes for bigger girls? I know it’s not easy for such business to get funded for one, since we still haven’t shown them enough buying power at the moment but it’s getting there,and I know many of us are still not comfortable enough to put it out there, but WE WILL get there.

I want all kind of designs in plus size fashion so bad, that I wish for it to happen almost everyday and that’s one of my goal in life. We will then have a very very different world and the creativity these designers would bring into plus size clothing will be so great, as all the tailoring will be so different than making smaller clothes. There might even be this specific subject to be studied in fashion design school, too. We will be able to see some NEW art form then.


I want to see things like these on plus size women


Viktor & Rolf


There are of course certain contemporary “plus size” clothes in the market at the moment, like Carmakoma and Jibri, but most labels will only choose “safe” designs to blow up to certain sizes, and it will take some years before we get plus size brands to design clothes similar to above.

So for now, let me take you through the list of high fashion design label which carry clothes up to certain plus sizes, which most of us in-betweenies can be benefited.


My favorite brand. Moschino integrates with pop art, every season there are fun loving items that makes people smile! They carry UK size 14 for most styles, and up to size UK20(US16-18) sometimes. Affordable items available with their Love Moschino Line.




The most romantic Italian brand in history with their signature red which I wish to be donning on plus size women. Most styles up to UK16(US14).


One of the very few high fashion brands that carries size UK18 (US16), Bohemian style.


McQ Alexander Mcqueen

Street Style, Mcq do random XXL (UK16/US14) so you need to keep checking it out if you love this brand

Jean-Paul Gaultier

JPG is well known for using plus size models on his runway. Funny how these clothes are not really on sale in real life! 😉 Well You will find stretchy XXL (US14) dresses from his collections.

Roksanda Ilincic


I always leave the best to the last so you know next time.
Roksanda Ilincic is by far the best brand I have seen when it comes to their style and tailoring available on offer at size UK 16(US12). Not all online store carry this size and so far I have only seen it from  ModaOperandi.com if you pre-order thier AW14 collection. Let me now dream.
Can you imagine the world with plus size clothes like this?

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