High Street Curves & Plus size Fashion Release Nov 2018

Plus size fashion was never as exciting as 2018 <3 Smart brands start to realise, the potential and buying power of plus size consumers (though not reaching menswears yet). In November 2018, there are a few cool collaborations happening. I wouldn't say that they...

Miuccia Prada is too scared to go plus size for her own collections

Excerpt from fashionweekdaily.com Miuccia Prada Calls Out the Hypocricy of Plus-Size Runway Casting (WWD) "Designer Miuccia Prada supports size diversity on the runway, she says, at least in theory. In practice, however, she considers it something of a joke. “The...

Lamy Dragonfly Fashion Launch Party 2017

Hello world, Last week, I went to an event on Thursday night in Wanchai, a nice and quiet area near Star street, for the fashion launch of Lamy Dragonfly. The event was held at Novalis Contemporary Art Design Gallery at Sau Wa Fong. As some of you know already, that...

My Fluffy Fuzzy Faux Fur Wish List

Fur coats have always been one of my favorite, I feel that in the past few years, the faux fur coats always come back because it is such a statement piece and you know, nowadays we really like to be extra, so why not max it out!? Over the years, I have been just...

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How it feels Being a Fat Chinese woman living in Hong Kong

How it feels Being a Fat Chinese woman living in Hong Kong

Why do I emphasise on being a fat "Chinese" woman in Hong Kong, but not just a woman in Hong Kong? It is because being fat in Hong Kong is different from being fat somewhere else... How? According to the Hong Kong government website - Centre for Health Protection, it...

Curves in Asia Vol. 3 – @Whitejehjeh

Curves in Asia Vol. 3 – @Whitejehjeh

@whitejeje is about a young woman exploring and expressing her sexuality, which is the most normal thing a young woman would do. But somehow it is political for her to do so, and her sexuality is being policed, because her body size does not fit the ideal society...

Do you compare your body to the models’ and celebrities’?

Do you compare your body to the models’ and celebrities’?

Via Airbnb Experience, we visited Li, a digital artist living in Shanghai. Li has been working as a digital artist for over 10 years in the luxury fashion industry. His job mainly consists of photoshopping images for fashion editorial shoots, TV or printing ads, and...

Plus size shopping in Berlin?

Plus size shopping in Berlin?

I have been fantacising about living in Berlin for quite sometime now. I never went to Berlin before this article. And I have heard many good things about the place; about how people are so opened minded and accepting over there, I feel like that would be...

Curves in Asia Vol.2 – Rosie

Curves in Asia Vol.2 – Rosie

We met Rosie on Instagram. They say that, the best way to express one’s mode is through fashion. It is heartwarming to realise though, behind the facade of her non-conforming aesthetics, there lies a sweet and gentle person, who would help out an acquaintance in a...

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