You think you know fashion
Well, fashion’s a stranger
You think fashion’s your friend
My friend, fashion is danger

Although I am a “fashion blogger”, I am one of those who does not have much of a fashion budget per month…
Not sure if you have even heard of that but my budget is so small, that I have to plan properly how many items I can get out of it, 2 weeks before pay day kind (as you know, shopping online is like you are fighting for one item with thousands of people).

Because if one can’t afford something, one shouldn’t even have an idea of getting it.

Just like I shouldn’t get into fashion blogging unless I have the money to be trendy, or I don’t blog about trends and just wear my old clothes all the time.

Do you think it would work?
I personally think it doesn’t. People like new things, they like trends, and all the successful bloggers are all about trends and showing new pieces from the latest fashion show, correct me if I am wrong but Susie bubble, Man Repeller, all the “IT” girls and bloggers, they don’t become big for no reason. You have to have the luxury to blog for months or years with not much income before you are known.
How do one do that if they have mouths to feed I ask.

A close friend of mine lately told me she thinks my blog is not going to work. Oh well. As long as I am doing what I love, at the same time not hurting my wallet I guess I will be fine.

Somehow this place is more like a place for me to use my creativity now that I realised. I am never a writer nor a trendy person after all!

So what I do is, I have to go through lots of sites per day. Trying to find that perfect items with the lowest cost just so I can try on as many on-trend items as I could to create different looks. And I will never dream about getting that 2.55 or those red bottom heels (it’s not like I can fit in them anyway)

I would usually go to Asos, Asos Marketplace, Most of the UK high street site when they are on sale, sometimes ebay, look for the items that are made for this year trend but not popular yet so I can wear them for 2 years, or really vintage items on ebay trying to think if it would work for next season’s fashion. You can kind of tell, because what’s not on trend now, will be on trend later Duh 😉

Reading from many finance advisers, it is recommended that you use only 1/3 of your salary as rent/housing allowance. Living in HK means we will have to use 2/3 of our salary to pay rent. Think about it, after deducting everything necessary, there really isn’t much left, plus that part of income should even become the saving instead of buying and buying lots of clothes that we throw away after 1 season as well.

As I grow older, I cannot do fast fashion anymore, so I have pretty much stopped shopping now, unless I found that one coat or pants on outnet or moda operandi that has slashed the price to 70% off, which I know I can be wearing it for years to come, I won’t open my wallet for it.