I posted this on my instagram last night and received many kind messages from my girls. :)Here, let me repost,

“To my dear girlfriends,

Being single doesn’t mean it’s a failure. You get to
focus on what you like to do most, you get to know yourself better. We
must be strong, independent, well prepared and keep gaining knowledge to
be a better self. When you #loveyourself the most, the right person will see it and opportunities will come to you! Any opportunities not just boys because meeting boys is just a little
part of life. There are many things in the world waiting for us out
there! Have a nice day! x ”

I speak this from my heart because through out the years I have learned that thriving for yourself, your own path and career is the most important thing for you. We all came to the world alone and most probably leave alone, we have to make the most out of what we have and enjoy every single moment in our life. We learn something great about others, about ourselves each day. So let us who have learned from experience spread the words out for the next generation and let us women be united.