Some of you were looking for this topic lately, and I thought I would let you know what I know. Isn’t it weird that You hear this from a Chinese person who lives in Hong Kong? Oh well 🙂

In fact, I have been fascinated by the design of the African prints in the past few months and I have been contemplating to get some outfits! This is a topic (as an East Asian woman) which I do not usually touch as it’s hard to relate and I have no knowledge of their history. But hey lets be adventurous and open minded about it alright? 

All Things Ankara is a blog that celebrates African Fashion with taste. Here below are some images from their photo collection. The fabric with prints are actually not hard to find, it’s the tailoring that matters. You can probably get some fabric and tailor make it by your nearest tailor shop.

Too lazy to DIY? Check these out

1. Chen B Collection ( S- XXL)

2.Amarachi Ukachu whom is a fashion blogger / Designer. If you are lucky, you can get some of her 2nd clothes from the shop.

3. Dia couture Accessories

3. Anna devine up to size 22

4. KwanzaInspiration  S-XL

Want more? Google Ankara Fashion Plus size 🙂