Beth Ditto announced her first plus size fashion collection this month, being launched at her own website

This time ’round we get to see some exciting fashion elements nicely done from the singer of Gossip Youth. Being a rocker herself, her collection is heavily infused with the rock ‘n roll elements, at the same time some elegant everyday essentials can also be seen.

The most talked about piece from her collection is the Oversize Tee she collaborated with Jean Paul Gautier  and it has his signature bustier in graphic on it.

Many plus size models and bloggers are showcasing their take on how to style it,

and it’s an amazing start for her collection!

This Tee costs USD150.00 and generated great responses, as it’s something new we don’t get see everyday in the plus size fashion world.

Tess Holliday

And I can see that plus size customers are increasing willing to spend a bit more money on the product when it comes to the right items.

So, please marketers, don’t say that we cannot afford anything nice being plus size, and start making nice things for us already! 🙂

Source: Beth Ditto