My favorite colour is pastel colour(s) and I actually cannot choose which colour in the family. I like them all.

Pale Yellow, Mint Green, Baby Blue, Dirty Pink, Baby Mauve and Nude, I have to put them all together!  I cannot just have one of them as I will get bored very easily, also there is magic happens when they are united.

Topshop had a collaboration with Meadham kirchhoff last November, most of the pieces were so gorgeous! I am gutted I didn’t get this bag.

Sometimes I will ask myself, I am already approaching my mid 30s, should I still wear such childish colour/things? Well I don’t care, life is about doing what you love, right? Take a look at Betsy Johnson/Patricia Field/Vivienne Westwood! They are fabulous!

I will have the chance to get even more pastel colours this year as many designers created pieces using the colour tone. Here let me showcase you the Mood board for the year aka “wish list” ( which means things that do not carry my size and I cannot afford :D).

Cédric Charlier 
Yvonne Kwok

3.1 Philippe Lim
T by Alexander Wang
 Stella McCartney
Shrimps Coat by Hannah Weiland
And here below are the 2 outfits I have styled putting pastels stuff I have together 🙂
Ahhh the irony, sometimes things are so different in reality isn’t it? I guess that’s the power of high fashion. They really look like a million bucks, literally.

Last but not least, I have to introduce the plus size pastel queen Georgina from Cupcakes clothes.

I dream of having pink hair like her! Absolutely amazing.
She also has her own shop selling accessories like headbands. Must get if you like pastel cute stuff.