You want to be a stylish girl, but most of the time find it hard to find a certain style in your size?
You want to look all punk rock but it’s hard to carry shiny material on a voluptuous body so you have to ditch the leather jacket from Blue heroes?
No, that’s not how shall manifest love for our bodies!
It’s easy to see that leather accessories or clothing deliver a raw, edgy feelings when it comes to the style and we don’t just wish want to be sweet curvy angels all the time.
However, Leather is a body hugging material and sometimes curvy feels sweeter than raw for sure and it is a challenge to try to deliver that raw look.
Let us look this example here.

Young girls looking like 40 years old? You’ve got it.

But why do designers do this to us? Of course, they have no clue the models will turn out looking like this. Part of it is because the designs suck (the seam, pattern and style), part of it is also because we have different body shapes – clothes don’t hang on us but fall on our curves! What we need here is some styling done.

Here are some tips from me I think might be useful.

1. Avoid Leather Vest, massive jacket with big lapels with nowhere to cringe for defining curves (above and below).

1. Weather permitted, wear Colourful chunky knitwear underneath to build the contrast (that’s why I love cold weather).

2. No Chunky knit Cardigan? close your jacket and add a  Scarf on Top. Gloves optional but they are cool!

3. Styles that we can carry in leather – Biker/bomber jackets that has a stand up collar. Military style, Cropped jacket with zipper, Chinese collar and Short tuxedo jacket.

4.Accessorise – wear leather boots, leather gloves, leather jeggings instead 😉



[/media-credit] Faux Fur Collars

Zana Bayne -Hand crafted & custom leather harnesses