First size diverse fashion brand on earth is from Asia – PUNYUS プニュズ!!

“Naomi Watanabe’s new brand “PUNYUS” is launching in Spring 2014!I can’t believe this is happening! I am so happy to announce to my readers that the first SIZE DIVERSITY fashion brand has appeared on earth, and it’s not coming from the plus size evocative country US but JAPAN!What makes PUNYUS a size diversity brand instead of the usual plus size fashion is, of course, it doesn’t only specialise in plus size fashion. In fact, it doesn’t even use any words in its campaign to target certain audiences, they are trying to redefine one size fits all and expand its range.

In Punyus lookbook, you will see how the same dress or top being demonstrate on a straight size model and Naomi herself (she’s estimated to be a US size 14-16).

Punyus Naomi Watanabe
Punyus Naomi Watanabe

Now a little history of Naomi before I introduce the brand to you.
I am sure most of you have heard of the Japanese plus size magazine La Farfa, Naomi Watanabe is on the cover of every issue so far.


La farfa plus size fashion Magazine
La farfa plus size fashion Magazine

She is a public figure and a comedian, it helps to draw much of the positive feedback from the crowd as the brand launches. In Japan, they regonise talents and will look pass certain superficial aspect. Some men have publicly stated that Naomi is Kwaii (Cute) and has a large following. She has rose to fame in 2008 by imitating Beyonce in a funny way.

Going back to Punyus, it markets itself as the “Expandable size”, most clothes are baggy and can fit all and they will be carrying S(US0) – 6L(US18). Naomi is the producer of the brand and in an interview, she stated that all girls deserve to wear cute clothes and be happy, her message echos the body diversity community in the west, I feel like I have finally found a place nearer to home!


2 thoughts on “First size diverse fashion brand on earth is from Asia – PUNYUS プニュズ!!

  1. !!!!! I walked past this shop on thurs so it wasn't opened yet and now I'm back in HK. I was so disappointed. But I happened to see the ads Hope they will have an online shop~

    1. Hi Erika,
      Yes they do and their online shop is already open! but they only ship within Japan. Maybe you can ship them here for both you and me 😉

      If you live here, please join us at curves hong kong on facebook! I will organise events for us curvy girls in the summer.


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