Japanese Style Plus size Clothings in Hong Kong (now renovated to moved to ground floor with less options :( )

(Updated: 19/11/14)I used to live on the east side of Hong Kong Island and I would frequent a couple of the shopping malls at Taikoo Shing Area – it is a place being heavily influenced by the Japanese culture, as it is the largest habitat for Japanese and Korean on Hong Kong side.

The two massive department stores in Taikoo are Jusco (recently changed to AEON) and APITA, you will be able to find great varieties of imported Japanese products here; household product, supermarkets, frequent japanese food festival of different regions. They also have big section of Imported Japanese clothing including a line – ELPLUS for PLUS SIZE WOMEN, located on the 2nd floor of the department store (which recently been cancelled, only some LL size left, which is around size 12 baggy clothing options).

I would say this section has started  to appear around 3-4years ago perhaps to cater the more mature population. A recent visit to Apita, I found the new line from them which I am ecstatic about. Although the place itself is not very attractive, but if you look through the clothes piece by piece, you will find something that nowhere else in Hong Kong offers for plus size women. Below are a few of my picks and the sizes are 1x, 2X and 3X ( around UK size 16,18 and 20).




14 thoughts on “Japanese Style Plus size Clothings in Hong Kong (now renovated to moved to ground floor with less options :( )

  1. Hi Bertha,
    Just wanted to say "well done" on your really informative blog! You are beautiful and I think its wonderful that you accept and celebrate your curves. Keep up the good work! Kim.

    1. Hi There, Yes, it is located right above the MTR station in the big shopping mall called City Plaza. APita is the only department store in the shopping mall x

  2. Awesome blog you have here…I love to visit HK but shopping have always been disappointing for me, as I hover between Size 14 – 18…Shopping only means shoes and bags for me , when visiting HK! Will check out the places listed in your blog when I visit HK next!! 😀

    1. Hi Hilda,

      It depends, I guess everyone is different when it comes to price range. I would say it's medium. Most pieces at regualr price are around HKD3-400. Hope this help!

  3. Hi Hilda, Take Mtr from TST to Taikoo Shing Station, look for the department store in city plaza shopping mall called Apita, it should be on the second floor. Please check at the store as I know they have done some renovation lately. The department for plus size ladies is called E-plus.

  4. Hi Bertha, found your blog through TripAdvisor while doing a search on plus size clothing in Hong Kong – great blog! I visit HK every year and have only ever gone to M&S – hopefully there will be more options this year. Thanks for keeping things updated!

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