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Welcome to Curves in Asia #Bodytalk series Episode 2 – Today our guest is Marina Bay, the founder and CEO of Befast tv – a tech start up multimedia website and also a friend of mine.

Our guest for this episode is different from the rest of the guests I have on my list because Marina has never been exposed to the subject of Body Positivity, so she’s a great example of how people receive the subject.

From Marina’s story, it could be something worth studying for us to see from the other side and feel the perspective.

To describe Marina

If I were to describe Marina, I would say that she is a brave individual who is doing something different and unique in a men’s world. Marina has a start up Befast.tv that covers mostly tech events and has to constantly interview founders and CEO of tech companies.

The tech world which is dominated by men, where women only hold 26 percent of all jobs in the industry, is a scary place to enter. The entry barrier is also difficult if you have no knowledge in the field, so, to be in the game as a woman founder, she has to be fearless and focus on what she knows, how she gets hold of the information and what she wants to achieve, in her own way.















Marina represents the new media and I like how founders like her is shaping the media into a better place, now and soon in the future. By recruiting talents and not focusing on appearance, we can slowly get away from conventional and tradition media mindsets.

I feel that nowadays, in order to enter a new marekt, you don’t have to climib up from the bottom of the food chain, as long as you do it with a goal using the resources you can get and go at it.  I admire her braveness and so today I talk to her about her job and also some aspects on body image and see what she says.



















Body positivity

Why do I think talking to Marina, someone who is not in the body positivity movement, as a perspective worth studying? It is because, for the population whom are affected by body image issues or any confidence issues, we tend to have difficulties owning up to our abilities hence the insecurity often renders the choices we make to further our achievements.

In short, our confidence in ourselves can be affected by having our appearance judged, stereotyped, attacked or bullied by others.

Perhaps it is the fear of judgement, we become self conscious about how we are being perceived as a person, we have to “tip toe around others” about the way we look like ( having to tuck our shirts to hide our bellies, wear baggy clothes to hide our bodies or not wearing bikini), what we eat (not eating junk food in front of others, fear of eating in public), basically how we live our lives.

If we were constantly being told not worthy of who we are, not being good enough and undermine our abilities and skills because of it , under this long term influence, we will focus too much on what is on the outside, and neglect our abilities to become someone we want ourselves to be.

Moreover, if we grow up in such an environment, it is hard to believe that once we became adult, we could just throw these issues away and start doing things fearlessly.

Body positivity is what we strive for, on one hand, we try our best to fight the stigma of being labelled of the way we look; by conversations, by promoting a positive way of how we communicate about bodies; on the other hand, ultimately, I want to demonstrate that, no matter what size we are, we need to not see our appearance as an issue, set aside what we think is stopping us from what we want to do, and to know our worth as a person is more than the worth of  our looks and our bodies.

(Yes, it might be easier said than done, but we have to start somewhere)

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Getting back to the talk show, my questions to Marina (who’s probably not affected by body image issues in a long term) may sound blunt and provocative, but in the name of exploration and see what answers we will get out of it. We have went through certain topics include,

How did she breakthrough and how did she launched her career?

What does she do when she wants to achieve something for herself ?

What does she think about body image problem and does she think many are facing it in her world?

Has she heard of the term “thin privilege”, something we say to divide women who thinks we are being treated unfairly due to the way we look?

I also wonder myself, is the different between someone like Marina (no body image issues) and someone like me (had body image issues) is stopping people from doing things they love? or are we just focusing too much on the wrong things?

During the break of our interview, I have asked her a question and her answer was not recorded, about her VJs, they are all very beautiful and look like models, so it’s easy to assume these girls are hired for their look. But I asked Marina the reason why she chose them, it was because naturally, the people who wants to work in TV or media are the ones with more confidence in their looks, knowing that they will always be appearing in the public, that’s one of the reason why the VJs are very pretty, 2nd, these Vjs are absolutely able and qualify for their job as they are equipped with journalism and marketing work experiences and qualification, therefore it is not a reason why we should see if as how it appears. Point taken.

You will hear about it in our talk today, which you might even be able to find answers for yourself on how if a person is not affected negatively by body issues, can be fearless and do what one loves love. I hope eventually we can achieve as much as anyone else the way we want things to be because we are not being affected by it at all.